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Legendary Prince Dies Days After “Severe Flu”

Prince has died aged 57 at his studio at his estate in Minnesota, just days...



Beyonce’s Full ‘Lemonade’ Trailer

Watch the teaser Beyoncé released, Saturday afternoon “Lemonade.” The...


The Portrayal of Black Women on Television

As a black woman in America, I am burdened with the various negative stereotypes...


Post-Spring Break Weight-Loss Plan


While everyone was on Spring Break, we were not worried about the amount of sugar in the strawberry daiquiri and the amount of calories in the four-cheese extra...


Sex Education: Pregnancy and Birth Control

Remember back in junior high school, around the 7th or 8th grade...


10 Unhealthy Fast Food Options

  Fast food contains the word “fast” for more reasons...


The Weight of Relationships: Health & Fitness Tips for Couples

  A study found that 2/3 of couples gain weight upon entering...


Workouts To Get The Bikini Butt You’ve Always Wanted

It’s about that time to go in the back of your drawer...

Career & Degree

Ironically, finding a job takes work and you don’t want to end up like Tommy from Martin with an invisible job. That is why you need to begin looking for work now and the best way to do that is to download some job hunting apps on your phone. There...

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Before there were reality shows about basketball and football wives, there was The Game. Although, it was a scripted television show it taught me more than the reality shows did about relationships and navigating through them.   1) Don’t Sacrifice...

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College Tips

College students wait until 11:55pm to turn in a Blackboard Assignment that is due at 11:59pm and wait to enroll in classes until the day before the semester begins. The most-widely procrastinated thing that college students wait to do is studying. That...

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