10 Important Questions Interns Should Ask

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Lets face it, the first few days of your internship can be overwhelming and scary! But having the courage to overcome that fear and be assertive can have a big career payoff when working towards your professional goals.

Asking questions can help you stand out and also shows the employer you are an eager learner and take you internship serious.


Here are 10 Important Questions Interns Should Ask -CampusLATELY 


1. Who should I go to if I have questions?

  •  Sometimes the manager isn’t the same person you report to daily. Make sure you understand who you are to get instructions from and consult regarding tasks and assignments.

2. What would you like me to accomplish during this internship?

  • Some employers have set goals for their interns such as, working on a new program or analyzing data. Others may want you to fit in as a typical employee taking on day-to-day tasks of the current staff members.

3. Is there a particular project I will be working on consistently or will you have tasks for me to complete daily/weekly assignments?

  • This is a great question to ask to get a feel of what your daily tasks will be.

4. Would you prefer to be contacted in person or via email?

  • Most managers are extremely busy but most if not all should have an open door policy. Find out your employers best mode of contact so you can reach them if needed.

5. Are there any other interns or employees I will be working with?

  • Getting to know the people around you is great for professional networking and allows you to create connections with people you may need to utilize or work with in the future.

6. What is the policy if I have a doctor’s appointment or mandatory obligation?

  • Ask this question now so you wont run into any issues with your absence later on.

7. What is the company’s main goals for the summer?

  • The company may have performance goals that they would like their interns to accomplish for the summer.

8. Can you teach me about that [Concept/Idea/Terminology/Software]?

  • Be open to learning any and everything!

9. How can I help?

  • Whenever you have the opportunity to show off your skills and learn new things, ask to help!

10. What’s your name?

  • Ask each person you come in contact with their name and repeat it so you can force your brain to remember Names along with Faces, This is very important when it comes to networking and meeting fellow employees/management.

Remember: you work hard at your job, you’re contributing, and you deserve to be there as much as anybody else. Be confident in your role, and use that confidence to build relationships. It’s as easy as asking someone, “How are you?”

The more you ask questions, the more comfortable it will feel. This is an important skill to build now, because as any successful employee will tell you, questions don’t stop once you “graduate” from your internship. Asking the right questions can help you succeed throughout the course of your career.


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