10 People Killed in Accra Floods #PrayForGhana

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The country of Ghana has been experiencing over six days of extremely heavy rain. At least ten people have lost their lives in the flood and eight were children. Hopefully there will be no more lives lost although the rain is expected to continue in the following days.

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The capital of Ghana, Accra, has been hit the hardest and is currently overwhelmed with the flood water that has invaded its city. This isn’t the first time Accra has experienced devastating natural disasters. Just last year on June 3, 2015, 150 people in Accra died in a flood and also in a fire that occurred during the flood.

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The city has been experiencing these floods beginning in the 1930s. According to various studies, Accra is susceptible to flooding for three main reasons. Two of the reasons are its clogged and poorly designed drainage system and its high number of wetlands. The last proposed reason is the increasing number of living communities that have been built in low areas that are more likely to flood whenever it rains.

The people of Ghana are tired. They are living in a constant state of fear. Worst of all, they are dying every year in these catastrophic floods. This is something that the Ghanaian government has attempted to address, but still to no avail. In March of 2016, Ghana signed a contract with a company named Zoomlion to remove the silt and clean the city drains. This was supposed to lessen the impact of the annual floods, but as of right now it doesn’t look like it had it any impact.

With the recent floods, there has failed to be a sufficient amount of American media coverage. The new channels, the magazines, and the websites that Americans rely on to inform them of the current occurrences in the world have been silent on this devastating event. This has aroused anger among many that notice the filter the American media uses to decide what to report on. It’s unfortunate that the media has a habit of doing this, but what is fortunate is the fact that we have social media to give us a voice.

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