10 Things I Imagine I Will Do Different Once I Get A MAN

I have been single for 2 years, 3 months, 6 days, 8 hours and 3 minutes lol just joking. It has however, been long enough for me to have gotten comfortable. I’m comfortable in my own space and with doing my own thing. What I can say is, one will always adapt to their surroundings. As a single woman lets just say I’m a little more laxidazy then a woman with a man. But no worries as soon as I get a man I will get it together in fact here are 10 “Things I Will Do Different Once I Get a Man.

1. Shave on Time
When the alarm clock strikes for me to shave my legs or under arms, I often press the snooze button. Its winter time no one will see, gets me every time. Moving forward I will not be pressing the snooze button as often.
2. Go to New Places
You know there are a few places chicks shouldn’t go by themselves and a few places I don’t want to go by myself. I have been single long enough to have a list of things and places I plan to drag my boyfriend to.
3. Cook More Often
I’m going to feed my man because if I don’t someone else will.
4. Keep Cleaning….I’m Already Clean.
5. Thank God I Get to Stop Washing My Car.
Enough said…. Love you baby!!!
6. Sunday Football
The last full football game I watched was when I watched it with the last boo. Some girls get into sports. I get into my man wanting me to get into something he’s into.
7.  Dinners Paid For
Well known fact: Dudes pay for more meals but it all equals out in the end because we give more sex.
8. Stop Dreading V Day
I can’t wait to post my valentines day gifts on social media, hey I’m a girl.
9. Less of My Best Boyfriend
Those guy friends that you love and you know love you to back. Sometimes we call them big brothers, however we both know if you wanted him you could have him because he really wants you.
10. I’ll Compromise
It’s all about compromise some habits will have to change, I’m sure. I might have to be a little more vocal when it comes to my plans and schedules like I said I’ve been single for a while now. For true LOVE I’m willing to discuss anything.
What did you change or how did you evolve once you got into a relationship?

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