10 Things To Know Before Going Natural

So You Want To Be Natural Cover1. Figure Out Why You’re Going Natural

Make sure you’re going natural for the right reasons. If you’re going natural because it’d the latest trend, this might not be for you. Natural hair takes a lot patience and dedication.

2. Research, Research, Research!

You can never know too much information about your hair. Make sure you take some time out to do some simple research about things that might work for your hair. Look for different hair styles that interest you, products that might work for you and possible hair regimens for you. Remember knowledge is power!

3. Natural Hair Takes Patience

Having natural hair is almost like having a part time job. You have to do research, find products that your hair likes, and find and learn different styles that you like. Natural hair involves a lot of trial and error, you will never get some hair styles right on the first try (it took me twelve tries to get Bantu Knots right). If you’re not dedicated to learning your hair, then being natural might not be for you. Also be advised that natural hair does grow, but it might take a year or two (and sometimes and three or four depending on your hair) for your hair to get to the length you want it to be.

4. Going Natural Does NOT Mean You Can Stop Combing Your Hair

Please be advised that going natural does not mean you can stop maintaining your hair. Although some of us naturals are able to just spray their hair with water, and walk out the door, not all of us have that option. But, no worries we also have techniques such as the twist out, braid out, the bantu knot, and roller sets to make your hair have the desired look that you’re looking for.

5. Moisture Is Your Best Friend

Natural hair is thirsty! You have to keep it moisturized with water, your favorite oil, or moisturizer to prevent your hair from getting dry and breaking off. If your hair breaks off too much, you won’t be able to retain length.

6. Utilize YouTube!

When going natural it can be hard trying to learn how to do the different styles, and which one you should try first. This is where YouTube comes in; YouTube is full of tutorials from people of different hair types, and you can watch and learn how to achieve the style you’re looking for. It also helps to watch videos of people who have similar hair length as you do, because some styles look different on longer hair than it does on short hair.

7. Brush Up On Natural Hair Vocabulary

When going through different natural hair blogs, websites and videos you might see acronyms like B.C., T.W.A., or D.C., and although they can be quite confusing, it’s actually easy once you learn it. Here’s a list of some of the most commonly used terms for natural hair to get you started.

Acronym What it Stands For Definition
B.C Big Chop This is when you cut of all of your processed (permed, relaxed, chemically treated, etc.) hair, and the only hair is the healthy natural portion
T.W.A Teeny Weeny Afro This is the term most commonly used for the ladies who have big chopped and only have a small afro left over
L.O.C Liquid, Oil, Conditioner or Cream This is a method of layering different moisturizers in your hair to maximize the amount of moisture you put in your hair
P.J Product Junkie Someone who is addicted to buying and trying out new products for their hair.

8. Keep An Open Mind

Please know you hair will never look like your natural hair crush’s hair. You can still watch their videos to watch what they do and tweak their routine (if necessary) to better fit you, but don’t be upset if your hair isn’t what you expect. Natural hair is all about trial and error.











9. Everyone’s Hair is Different

Words like hair type, curl pattern, and hair texture can be confusing to a new natural, but they all really mean the same thing—the type of curl you have. There are several different types of curls and no two people have the same curl pattern. Your hair can be a mix of two different textures and sometimes you can have two totally different curl patterns throughout your head, one part may be 4a and another section might be 4c.

10. Be Confident

No matter what you decide to do, make sure you do it with confidence! If you’re natural rock your curls, if you have relaxed hair be fierce about it, because no matter what you do, you have to be happy with the decision you made. Hair is a great way to express yourself, so however you wear it make sure your wear it with confidence!

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