21 Common Mistakes Made by Freshman

Freshman mistakes are inevitable. You’re entering a new place, you’re excited about the newness of it all, and most of your parents are far removed from college so they wouldn’t know how to help you avoid some of those common mistakes made by freshman.

  1. Buying new, fully priced books university student reading in library
  2. Not studying enoughblack-college-students
  3. “Why work hard? Experiences will come to me.SROP-students-in-lab
  4. Proudly wearing your lanyard and ID all over campus.Bp8cmkIIMAAd2XV
  5. Attending every meeting possible during orientation week.IMG_4342-e1379088315858
  6. Enrolling in an 8 a.m. course on Mondaysyoung-black-man-frustrated-277x370
  7. Evening courses on Fridays.photo1 (5)
  8. Wearing your high school letterman jacketTest
  9. Assuming the “Que juice” isn’t that strong.2043109456
  10. Wearing heels every day to classhighheels_tumblr_lykj6mUn941qdl0pso1_500_large
  11. Constantly locking yourself out of your dorm roomMoveout
  12. Not taking advantage of your meal plan.campus dining
  13. Taking too much advantage of your meal plan.health_BTN
  14. Telling someone what Greek organization you want to be apart of .kid_divine_nine_gallery_gallery-image_23666
  15. Thinking you’ll be best friends with your roommate in the dorms.120418064314-education-college-dorm-story-top
  16. Getting sloppy at house parties.20130425-171554
  17. Overestimating how much you can fit in your dorm room.5783947716_4136b018c1_n
  18. Spending all your financial aid money before classes even start.Balling_at_Catty_Catt's_video_shoot
  19. Forgetting to log out of the library computers8459a1939c0d2a562038dda136fecee4
  20. Choosing to stay with your high school sweetheart that’s halfway across the country this school year.African American teenage couple hugging in school hallway
  21. Forgetting to schedule a lunch break in between your classesla-sci-sn-trans-fat-ban-timeline-20131107-013


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