3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Shacking Up



Let’s assume that you and bae have been dating for at least a year, things are seemingly serious, and all of a sudden one of you mention “moving in”.


[dropcap]Regardless[/dropcap] of how in love you may be with your significant other the thought of moving in will make you reevaluate the entire relationship. Thoughts that never existed before will creep into the back of your mind.

What if this doesn’t work out?

Who’s going to move in with whom?

What happens if the vibes change?

What if he/she is a slob?

Don’t fret all of this is natural.

Being in a serious relationship encompasses a major unavoidable chapter: having the discussion to move in. Naturally you’ve begun to spend almost every waking moment with each other and the only logical thing to do could be to move in together for multiple reason but the decision could definitely change the dynamics of your relationship. And sometimes for bad. .

So before moving in with your bae, ask yourself these three questions:


1. How serious is my relationship and my feelings for this person?

2. Will I be able to put my pride aside in order to compromise on the small things?

3. How often will I “need my space”?

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Sit down and have a serious conversation before moving in together. Give yourselves a chance to see hear each other out so that you can be on the same page.  


To make this a great experience for both parties you both have to be willing to put your egos aside to compromise and apologize.

Have any of you ever moved in with your bae? What were your thoughts?

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