4 Amazing And Inspiring Graduation Stories

You can do anything you set your mind to!!! The mere existence of an idea/desire/passion is proof that you are meant to push through and do everything in your power to bring them to fruition. These are 4 amazing stories of women and men who did not accept any other outcome but to walk across the stage and earn their diploma. These strong individuals decided they would graduate from college regardless the obstacles life threw at them. Take a minute with us to salute them and all others who are making the impossible POSSIBLE.

Mother and Daughter Graduate Together?

Vae @triggaVae started off as many young women before her. Vae got pregnant with her daughter her Junior year of high school and delivered her, her Senior year. If pictures are worth a thousand words, these tell the story of a young mom who decided what her future would be and a daughter who witnessed her mother work for everything she wanted.

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Mother and Son Graduate Together ?

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Sherri L. Davis from North Carolina also found herself  pregnant at the tender age of 19. She made the difficult decision to put her education on hold and work to give her son all of the attention and support he needed. Her son was born with a genetic disorder known to attack the liver and cause other serious FullSizeRender (15)health problems.

“He didn’t start walking until he was 3 years old. I was told by his preschool director that he would probably never talk, and all he would do is utter groans and moan,”Davis said

However, they started attending Johnson C. Smith University together and have now graduated together.

“Through it all…I would do it all over again, to experience this moment right here. So if you wanna know why I’m so amped about graduation….Look at what the Lord has brought us through,” Davis Said


Freshman Diagnosed with Brain Tumor Graduates?
aaFullSizeRender (19)@mlocke523 wrote on her personal social media. “I had two brain tumors. Mid-Spring semester freshman year I realized I was having a lot of headaches. I went to the doctor for a routine check-up to find out that I had two brain tumors & would need surgery to remove them. I was beyond scared. I never thought that something like that could happen to me.”
“Rutgers SAS office told me to take off the semester or maybe the year because of the amount of work I would miss and the amount of stress I’d be under… but I said no. Against my family and doctors wishes, I said no,” says @mlocke523
I fought through the pain. With the help and support of my family & best friends, they encouraged me to stay positive day by day. I finished my freshman year with a 3.1 GPA by the grace of God but I stand here today being blessed to say that I am an Alumni of Rutgers University, that graduated in 4 years with a 3.7 GPA, honors, endless memories, & a healthy brain. I say this with no arrogance but with endless thanks to God and humility. I hope to encourage people to never take no for an answer & fight for what you want ️ #RU16 #Rutgers250 #Graduation ™@mlocke523
Kionna Jones Graduates After Being Shot In the Neck ?
aaaFullSizeRender (20)Kionna Jones graduated, despite a near-death tragedy that left her paralyzed in 2012.  Kionna was shot in the neck and paralyzed, but never let the unfortunate circumstance stop her from furthering her education! A few weeks ago, Jones graduated from Virginia State University with honors.
This is yet another example to let us know we are unstoppable and can do anything we put our mind to. #Kionna Jones you are a sheRo, keep going and don’t let anyone or anything stop your light from shining bright.



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