4 Black College Students Staged a “Sit-in” 57 Years Ago Today

This was not the first sit-in at an all-white establishment but because they were four Black College students it garnered media attention. Fifty-seven years ago today, on February 1, 1960, four black college students staged an impromptu “sit-in” at a lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina.

This sparked something and other black college students banned with those four and began staging sit-ins in nearby eating place. Students at white colleges also joined the sit-in demonstrations. By January 1961, just one year later, over 70,000 black and white youngsters had participated in college sit-ins.

Will You Answer The Call?

When our moment comes to stand-up for what we believe is right will you answer the call? In history HBCU students have always been the ones on the ground impacting change. Some level of responsibility falls on us to not be silent. Our boogie ass generation owe’s so many who came before us. They gave their lives most of us only have to give our time to impact change.

Do something so we are telling your story in 20 years! #blacklivesmatter


1982.2.38 The White Coffee Pot Restaurant. Howard and Baltimore Streets. Baltimore. Not dated.Photograph by Cronhardt & Sons8 x10 inchesTriangle Sign Company CollectionBaltimore City Life Museum CollectionPeale Photoprints, Legal Size, Box 28Special Collections
The White Coffee Pot Restaurant. Howard and Baltimore Streets. Baltimore. Photograph by Cronhardt & Sons 



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