4 Creative Ways to Break-Up with Someone

At some point in your dating career, you will find yourself feeling trapped in a relationship. The hardest part about reaching that point is telling the other person that you want to breakup with them. People used to traditionally tell their partner to their face. Nowadays, there are so many unique and creative ways to call it quits.

Breakup Desserts
Although breaking up with someone isn’t normally sweet, now you can serve them pie along with your goodbye. You can break up with your partner with desserts ranging from pie, cake, brownies, and more! This is very unconventional, but it actually isn’t a completely outrageous idea. When people get heartbroken the first thing they reach for is indulgent sweets. Now, they won’t have to reach for it since it will already be there.


Handwritten Breakup Game
During the relationship, you may have been forced to sit through multiple games of Call of Duty. Now, it is your time to turn the tables and play a game with them.


Breakup Billboard
This may be a little costly to pull off, but there is no doubt that the look on your soon-to-be ex’s face would be priceless when they saw this.


Personalized Fortune Cookie
Normally the fortune in the fortune cookie isn’t always a dependable forecast, but this is a fortune that your soon-to-be ex can count on occurring.





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