4 Must-Know Tips For Black Men & Healthy Skin

As the world advances, so does the standard of how we should look on an everyday basis. Everyone is pressed for perfect skin, the perfect body, perfect hair, and perfect teeth. Although no one is perfect, having smooth skin is a trait that anybody should want for themselves.

It is scientifically proven that black men produced more razor bumps than any other race in the world. Scarring and dark marks are much more noticeable on darker pigmented skin which sometimes can cause a lack of confidence. Acne and keloid skin can be passed down in your family genes or can appear from simply not taking care of your face. Many dudes grow beards to cover face acne which makes matters worse. The best way to get clear skin is acknowledging the issue and taking it head on.

No women wants a man with bad skin and vise verse, Here are a few tips and products to start your journey to smooth skin.

    1. Black Soap

African black soap comes in many brands, some more “natural” than others. Containing different essential oils that work wonders for the skin, such as palm kernel oil, cocoa butter, palm oil, & Shea butter. This soap can be a replacement for that “clean&clear” that you are using every day which is harsh on your skin due to the many chemicals and fragrances. Although you are able to use this product for your entire body, the black soap can last a month or longer if used for the purpose of your face only. Unlike your everyday face cleanser, the African black soap cleanses, moisturizer ,& helps with discoloration.

2. Exfoliating Facial Sponge

Now, fellas, I know y’all are probably thinking that you would never pick up an item as such when at the drug store or your local Wal-Mart but I highly suggest you do. The exfoliation sponge is slightly rough but softens when used over a period of time. I prefer the feeling of when they are fresh out of the package, but I’m just weird like that.

After applying the black soap, take the sponge pad with a little warm water to create lather and gently scrub your face. Try your best to touch every part of your face because it is meant to get in those hard to reach areas. The purpose of this product is to help lift dirt and soften dead skin cells, which is something your hands can not do. You should scrub anywhere that hair grows which includes your neck. New skin grows every day which is why we get ingrown hairs. The skin grows over the small hairs that have no quite made its way out of the pore fully. Use this sponge every other day to rid of that new skin, or if you are anal about your appearance like me, every day. Rinse your face off and dry with a clean towel, NOT THE ONE YOU JUST USED TO DRY YOUR NUTS !!!

3. Alcohol-Free Toner

There is a difference between astringent and toner. Fellas, please pay close attention to what you are purchasing. If you have acne that is alive on your skin, using astringent at night time is just like the old toothpaste method. It cleanses and somewhat burns away acne. The sad part about astringent is that it has the possibility to leave dark marks and dry out your skin, but if you need it then use it. I personally do not have an acne problem, but I do produce ingrown hairs at times if I slack on exfoliating. I take a cotton ball and a few drops of toner and basically wipe away all the dirt and dead skins that I scrubbed up. After going over your entire face, the cotton ball should be covered in dirt. GROSS, I know. The toner puts a shiny coat of moisture over your face that protects your skin while you sleep. When you wake up, you can simply wash and go.

Think about the acne you thought you washed away, that was still sitting there. That is why we wake up with random bumps because it was dirt still in those pores.

I know you guys are saying this is too much, but the ladies actually appreciate us more when we take care of our personal hygiene.

4. Coconut Oil

Many companies give you a 1,2,3 step process with moisturizer being the last step, but many of those creams clog your pores and make you look hella greasy. Get you a jar of unrefined organic coconut oil.


You can use this product as a lotion for your entire body, even your hair. You only need a small amount because you will look like a grease monkey. Coconut oil serves not only as a moisturizer but also as a disinfectant so a little goes a long way. Your skin will soak up with oil and leave your melanin with a smooth shine that is guaranteed to get the lady’s attention, but I can only speak for myself.

Use these few items and I can assure your skin will be on its way to a healthier look, especially for my brothers with no facial hair.

-Official Steffon

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