4 Tips To Deal With A Bad Roommate


Clearly Discuss The Issue

The first thing you need to do is have a conversation and tell your roommate exactly what is bothering you. If your roommate is leaving the kitchen dirty, not doing his or her share, or borrowing your clothes without asking. Be prepared to have an uncomfortable conversation and know that it will be ok. Just be honest and fair when discussing your shared living quarters. Take a step back from the situation it always provides you with a little more perspective.

Don’t be passive aggressive

Ok so you have told your roommate that you want to have a conversation. Now its time to discuss the issues and put it all on the table. Don’t punk out, don’t give half-truths. Be honest and direct. As easy as it can be to argue and air your problems behind a phone or computer screen, communicating upfront and in person is key. Addressing the issues out loud leaves less room for diversion and ignoring the problem. Have this conversation in a one-on-one setting, it does not need to be had in front of friends.

Sex Talk

Let’s just say people are getting “it in” from time to time while in college. So set boundaries and discuss what is comfortable for you and your roommate within you guys shared living space. Maybe you and your roommate are good friends and you can simply let each other know when you needed a little private time. If you guys aren’t besties who share personal information then create a signal or sign that lets your roommate know you’re predisposed. They make cute door tags/signs, a scarf or even something as simple as leaving a certain light on some where in the house.

Suggested Rules

  1. Set a time limit for room requests
  2. Rotate weekends or days. Keep it fair
  3. Communicate what you think is cool and what is foul.

Don’t Go Tit For Tat

Don’t blast your music just because your roommate is blasting there’s. Can’t say it enough communicate communicate communicate ask your roommate to turn it down. You could even decide on certain times when you guys agree to keep the music down and when its cool to blast it. If you keep the lines of communication open and continuously compromise.



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