4 Ways To Recover From Thanksgiving

  1. Eat A Light Breakfast

Do not miss breakfast the day of Thanksgiving. Everyone wants to save their stomach for the big Thanksgiving feast. Knowing the food is never ready on time. Eating breakfast will allow you to eat more during Thanksgiving. Dr. Connie Diekman explains “eating a nutritious meal with protein and fiber before you arrive takes the edge off your appetite and allows you to be more discriminating in your food and beverage choices.”

Drink A Glass Of Water Before And During

Drinking water before you eat will help with the digestion of your food. This will help with feeling bloated after eating. Dr. John from LifeSpa says, “this will pre-hydrate your stomach wall, which is lined with an acid buffer that is 80% water. The more water, the better the buffer, and the more acid your stomach will produce.”

Lay On Your Left Side After Eating

LifeSpa says the myth of laying on your left side after eating isn’t a myth after all. “By lying on the left side, you allow the stomach to hang freely and contract naturally to move the food through when it is all properly digested.”


Go For A Walk After And Before

Though most of us are thinking about the food on the table, we should also think about working out before the meal. The Daily Beast suggests “even a simple walk with family before or after you eat will help to move oxygen into your tissue. You won’t burn enough calories to matter with a walk, but the other changes to the way your body functions will help you feel better the next day.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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