I Have 4c Hair and I’m Going Crazy

Being a black girl in today’s society is lit to say the least. You get your Shea butter, African black soap, Melanin popping T-shirt, coconut oil, Fenty Beauty make-up, and of course that natural hair, and BAM! #issablackwoman.

We all know that our hair is not alike. Black girls have this magic power where even blood sisters can have two different hair types. If you watch Youtube to get natural hair inspiration. You know that our hair is not the same. You twist your hair up real nice and follow every step in the video, yet your hair doesn’t look like that girl’s the next day.

For us, hair type is very important. This term simply defines the natural curl pattern of your hair. Most black women range from curly 3a to kinky 4c. Kinky 4c is probably the most difficult to style, in my opinion. A lot of us even have two hair types in our head.

Kinky 4c hair is tightly coiled and does not really have a curl pattern or multiple ones at once. 4c girls have 70% shrinkage or even more.

Here are 3 tips for dealing with 4c hair:

  1. Be patient.

Watch Youtube videos for your specific hair type and try those products out. If they don’t work, try another set of products. The benefits of having natural hair is being able to find what works for you. Always have a Plan B hairstyle that you can run to in case the one you’re trying doesn’t work. This should be a hairstyle you’ve already tried and loved.

2.  Train your hair.

Once you find your ideal hairstyle (twist-out, braid-out, roller-sets, etc.) it is recommended that you practice this style often to train your hair in that ideal look. You will notice your twist outs will have a better result every time! Of course, don’t be afraid to try new things, but if you’re aiming for a certain look, practice makes perfect.


3. Moisturize

Most times, we don’t achieve maximum potential with a style because our hair is dry. It is important that you perform a porosity test on your hair to determine the moisture it does or does not keep. Dry hair performs differently than moisturized hair. Practices like deep conditioning definitely make a difference.

I know sometimes natural hair can make you want to cut it all off. Protective styles such as box braids and crotchet styles are an option when you’ve had enough. However, there comes that traditional time where you let your hair breathe in between styles and 4c hair can be stressful. Keep these tips in mind next time and you will let your black girl magic shine without a doubt.

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