5 Dating Tips for College


The college experience is about a lot of things, including newly found freedom. These freedoms can lead to new experiences and romantic encounters. Finding love is beautiful, but here are a few tips that can help you in future romantic endeavors.

1. Do not date your first semester

This is a very important rule. Many freshmen are lonely and homesick since it is their first time away from home; causing them to quickly jump into relationships. It is suggested that freshmen should adapt to their new environment before jumping into relationships to fill a temporary void in their life.

2. Respect visitation rules
Most colleges have single-sexed residence halls for freshmen. These buildings have many restrictions on co-ed visitation that can range from no visitation during the fall semester to limited hours a day that visitation is allowed. Many freshmen hate these rules, but they are there to help you more than harm you. Most residence directors enforce these rules because they understand that most freshmen will get distracted by the opposite sex (or same sex if you choose) and not concentrate on their studies as much as they should. Respecting the visitation rules also shows your residence staff that you are a mature young adult. Let’s be honest, most of you know visitation is a privilege because the opposite sex would not be allowed in your bedroom if you were still living at home.

What about same-sex couples? Same rules apply.

3. Dates in public places

Sexual assault is one of the biggest crimes on college campuses, affecting every 1 out of 5 college students—including males. Safety is always most important in any situation. When meeting someone new, let friends know where you are going, with who are you going, and what you will be doing. NEVER meet someone new in a private setting such as your room, their room, or their car. ALWAYS meet in a public, well-lit area. Great and safe first dates include coffee shops, restaurants, and museums.

4. No side chicks/dudes

This does not mean that you should be in a committed relationship with the first attractive person that comes across your path. However, dating or being involved with too many people at once can give a person a reputation they probably do not want. When you become serious about dating someone, you should make it clear to anyone else interested in you that you are pursuing someone else. There should be ‘no fun and games’ and no one getting hurt once you have decided to pursue someone.

5. Become friends first
How can a person possibly take it to the next level with someone else if they are not even friends? Most people are smitten with someone from first glance, but looks are not everything. What are your values? Do they align with mine? What makes you laugh? Can you make me laugh? These are important things to know. Two people cannot be friends if they do not have much in common. Most people cannot be friends if they do not trust one another. How can two people be romantically involved if they do not have much in common or trust one another? Building a relationship based off of friendship is a key component to any successful relationship.

After reading these 5 tips, one can possibly find their college sweetheart.

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  • transgender dating Reply

    May 19, 2017 at 7:30 AM

    Let’s start at the beginning – people lie, about their age, about their appearance, about their whole lives. They eventually get caught, but it pays to be wary. You don’t want to waste your time, be swindled, or worse. On the plus side, most people in the online dating world are… well, people. They’re honest, ordinary human beings with hopes, fears and dreams of their own. They’re looking for a connection, for someone to share their lives with or just someone to talk to.

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