5 Note Taking Tips That Work


Many of us make our way through high school without studying and taking proper notes. Then get to college and s*** get real.  The information given to you in class contains the objectives and concepts of the course. This also may include the material that you will most likely see on future exams. That’s why it’s important to take notes and listen in class. Below I will provide good note taking skills that work for me and I hope they work for you as well…

  1. Go to class prepared. Read your assignment before you go to class. This is very important! Your teacher tells you this for a reason. That way taking notes will come easy when you are aware of the material. Sometimes I’ll go ahead and define the vocabulary words for the chapter.

2. Develop a note-taking method that works for you. Write legibly so you can refer back to them. I like to use highlighters and different color pens. That way I’ll know what I wrote and the colors will catch my attention before one solid ink color. Make your notes brief that way you will understand them.

3. Stay Organized! Make sure you date your notes. Consider using sticky notes and little tabs on important things. ALWAYS PUT THE CHAPTER YOU’RE CURRENTLY ON.

4. Ask questions! If there is something you may have missed or didn’t understand ASK! That’s what teachers are for. It’s easy to miss something when you’re trying to listen and write at the same time.

5. Review! You can’t get enough of reviewing your notes! That’s why you took them. It helps you get an understanding of what was just presented to you.

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Nicole S. Daniel is a young blogger, author, and entrepreneur from Birmingham, AL. She currently attends Miles College studying Communications.


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