5 Signs You’re Falling In Love

The majority of the time love happens unexpectedly. One second you’ll be learning the choreography to “Single Ladies” and the next second you’ll find yourself belching Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” in the shower. These are just one of the signs you may be falling in love and there 5 more signs to pay attention to.

1) His flaws are what you find adorable about him
When you begin to love how he smacks on his morning bagel and how his belly jiggles after eating BBQ, then you are most definitely falling in love.

2) Even when you’re angry with him you still want to be in his presence
Normally when someone makes you mad the first thing you want to do is get as far away from them as possible so that you can cool down. On the other hand, when you are falling in love with someone, they can tap dance on your nerves and oddly enough you want to stay right by their side until they stop.

3) Simple Things Become Fun
You’ve gone grocery shopping once a week for your entire life and it’s always been the same boring and dreadful routine. Then all of a sudden you bring your boyfriend along and it becomes the most amazing adventure of your life. Do not mistake this as a simple coincidence, because it is not. When you’re falling in love with someone, they can make daily activities something you look forward to doing just because you’ll be with them.

4) Other Men Become Near Invisible
Normally, you would notice every attractive man who crossed your path. When you’re falling in love with someone other males will become close to invisible. Of course you’ll still notice other men, but it’s a general glance because your heart only acknowledges that one special person.

5) You See Them In Your Future
When you’re falling in love with someone they will suddenly become a part of your future plans. You’ll see yourself walking down the aisle while staring deep into their eyes through your veil. You’ll imagine them playing catch with your future son while you prepare freshly squeezed lemonade. When you see your future, it will become almost impossible not to imagine them as the leading man.


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