5 Ways to Expand Your Financial Aid Package

One of the biggest struggles of graduating college comes from the lack of money. College tuition rates have gone up 6-7 percent, and are doubling inflation rates every year.  And that is just tuition rates. Housing, board, social, and emergency fees are not included in the base tuition price. Luckily, there are some ways to Expand your financial aid package so the struggle will not be too real.

1. Contact the specific college or program for your major for scholarship opportunities.

Many major departments have someone appointed to the task of finding scholarships. Retention is key for many universities, so one of the best ways to keep students is to help fund their education. These scholarship opportunities are mainly merit based, but some may be need-based. This is the go-to source if you have a great GPA.

2. Find internships and fellowships that offer stipends or grants.

Summer internships always seem like the most sought after, but internships during the academic year give a little more. They provide you with more experience and sometimes a stipend. Depending on your major, these opportunities may be scarce or in Abundance.

3. Identity-based scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to students who statistically have a hard time getting to college, staying in college, and graduating from forms of higher education. Black Enterprise and the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill have lists of scholarships to help you exceed academically and financially.

4. Work-study Federal

Work study allows part-time employment for qualifying students. Work study will be shown on your financial aid package, but you will have to work as a student employee to receive the money. It is a great opportunity to work and have an ensured pay each semester. Learn more about work study here.

5. Contact the financial aid office

Every college student knows the struggle of contacting the financial aid office. But ultimately, the people who work in that office can answer any question you have about your school specific Aid Package. More often than not, they will be able to supply you with a supplemental loan, payment plan, or overall advice on where to find financial help for your school.

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