50+ HBCUs Are Quitting Smoking And Students Are Joining The Movement

Let’s Talk Statistics

  • 102 federally recognized HBCUs in the country, less than half have smoke-free and/or tobacco-free campus policies.
  • 1,108 community colleges in the U.S., only 360 have 100 percent smoke-free policies in place.
  • 99 percent of smokers starting before age 27

College campuses are critical to preventing young adults from starting tobacco use and students like Julia Osagie are taking a stand to change that. She’s spearheading an effort at Howard University in Washington, DC to help the school go tobacco-free.
Where you live, who you love, your race, your mental health and financial status play an important role in how hard tobacco companies come after you. For decades, African Americans, low-income neighborhoods, LGBTQ communities and those with mental illness have been disproportionally targeted with advertising and promotional efforts. African Americans in particular, have long been targeted with intense advertising and promotional efforts by the industry. For example, in major cities like Washington D.C., there are up to ten times more tobacco advertisements in African American neighborhoods than in other neighborhoods.

There is a disproportionate health burden of tobacco-related morbidity and mortality among African Americans. Each year, approximately 47,000 African Americans die from smoking-related disease. Research has also shown a clear pattern of targeted marketing in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods. People living below the poverty level in the U.S. are nearly twice as likely to smoke, compared to those at or above the poverty level.

Truth Initiative, the nonprofit organization behind the truth youth smoking prevention campaign, is working to put an end to this type of profiling. Since the launch of our tobacco-free college program in 2015, Truth Initiative has awarded funding to 135 colleges. To date, 50 colleges have gone smoke- or tobacco-free (40 community colleges and 10 HBCU’s). CVS is also joining us in helping more than 100 schools go tobacco free in the next 2 years.

You have the facts, you know the truth. Where do you stand?

To Connect with Truth Initiative and see how you can help make a difference click here


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