7 Reasons Why You’re Single

With every #MCM, #WCW post, it leaves single people scrolling and wondering why they aren’t in a relationship. There are many reasons why you could be single and these seven are just a few of the possibilities.

1) Nickel Looking For a Dime
The definition of being a nickel looking for a dime is wanting something that you are not. If you want to be in a relationship with someone who has their own apartment, their own car, and a job making six figures but yet you live with your parents, ride public transportation, and make minimum wage at the local fast food joint then you are the nickel and the other person is a dime. There is nothing wrong with being a nickel. If you are a nickel then own your 5 cent status. On the other hand, you just can’t expect to attract someone of dime quality and if you are expecting that then that could be a reason why you are single.

2) Living in Your Comfort Zone
The comfort zone is an enticing place to stay because of the simple fact that it is comfortable. In your comfort zone, there is an avoidance rejection, heartbreak, and other things that come along with putting yourself out there. As a default, you will also be avoiding relationships and maintaining your single status, because relationships can only form when you take the risk of rejection and heartbreak.

3) Schedule Won’t Accommodate
Sometimes you can forget exactly how busy you are when questioning why you’re single. You may be single because your schedule won’t accommodate a relationship. If you wake up at 5am to workout, go to work from 8am-5pm, and then attend night school from 6pm-9pm then a relationship doesn’t have room to fit. If you don’t want to be single, then you will have to sacrifice something within your schedule in order to accommodate it.

4) Move Too Fast
When you move too fast you will end up scaring the other person away. That means you shouldn’t be bringing up getting married and having kids after two dates. If you want any chance at repairing your single status, then you must be willing to take things step by step and day by day.

5) Give It Up Too Easily
This is not to say that if you become intimate with someone early in the dating phase that you lose all chances of forming a relationship with them. On the other hand, this is to say that if you give it up too easily then it decreases the chances of them wanting to commit to you. In the other person’s mind, they are wondering if you gave it to them without earning it, then how many other people did you do the same thing with. That mistake could be leaving you with a higher turnover of dates than McDonald’s employees.


6) You Want To Be
Contrary to the media and society’s widely-accepted beliefs, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be single. If you are enjoying being single, then don’t feed into daytime talk shows that make you think otherwise.

7) You Haven’t Met the Right Person
The reason that you’re single may have little to do with you. It could simply be that you have yet to meet the right person and there is nothing you can do about that. Just continue to do what you’re doing and someone will come along when the time is right.

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I have recently earned my BBA from the University of Houston and I am a native Houstonian. My background is in human resources, so I have an understanding of what motivates people and their actions. As a result of those things, I merge my personal, professional, and college experience to write blogs that everyone can relate to.


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