7 Things A Girl Does After A Break Up

When a girl goes through a really bad break up, guys seem to wonder why they do the things they do. Here’s a little insight of things a girls do after a break up and why.

-Delete Your Number 

Your name is not “Bae”, “Boo”, “My Heart”, with 10,000 emojis any more. The moment you two break up your number immediately returns to (555)-XXX-XXXX.

-Work Out

No matter what size your girl is she is going to have extra time on her hands without you there. She will realize the “relationship weight” she gained from the many date nights with you, and suddenly she will start to want to lose that. You will see her at the gym or yoga class every chance she gets.


A lot of times girls are so busy trying to forget the pain that the break-up caused that we have to let it all out. Once we get the chance we cry and binge watch episodes of Netflix series while eating whatever we can find.

-Change Her Hair

A girl who changes her hair is getting ready to change her life. If a girl wants to change her attitude she can definitely start with her hair. Once she gets that new color or cut, she just might be a new girl.

-Goes Out More

Drake said “started wearing less and going out more” and meant it. After a break-up a girl’s friends want to get her out of a slump and takes her out on nights of adventure.

-Post on Social Media

Girls increase their posting on social media after their glow up. She wants you and the rest of the world to know that she is single and ready to mingle.

-Try Again

After a girl has cried, hated you, and completely reinvented herself, she has decided her break-up is official. Then, it is time to get back out there and find someone new and better than the last.

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