8 Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Natural/Relaxed/Transitioning Hair

Natural hair is a blessing and a curse, the moment you forget to wrap/pineapple your hair at night, by the morning your twist out is done for. However it can be easily fixed with a quick refresh or not puff! Being natural can be slightly overwhelming especially with so many natural hair blogs and gurus showing you what they do to their curls and coils; instead of trying every regime out they not doing some of these things and see how your hair flourishes.

1. Do not compare your hair to someone you seen on Instagram. Just because you and whom ever may have similar curl patterns doesn’t mean each style/product they do and use will work for you.

2. Don’t buy every product you see on YouTube or Instagram and expect it to give you the best results. Your hair may not like certain products but if you spent your money then you can try to figure out a way to use said product that works well with your hair.

3. Don’t overprotective style your hair. Protective styling can be very beneficial if done correctly, maintaining your scalp and hair underneath is key. If you overprotective style you may risk breakage and thinning.

4. Stop obsessing over length. You hair is growing, you don’t have to length check every month or blow out your hair, doing those things can prevent you from retaining length.

5. Not trimming. Trimming your hair is important especially if you have a lot of knots and tangles that you rip through, which can cause spilt ends and stop you from retaining moisture and length. Trim or dust your ends either every 3 months or every 6 months.

6. Tight buns, puffs, braids. If you’re always pulling your hair up into a high puff, sleek bun whatever you’re putting stress on your hair follicles and scalp, which will eventually lead to thinning edges and bald spots. Too much manipulation is terrible for anyone’s hair.

7. Hold on to heat damage. Heat damage is tricky it can be revived if you put in the work, however if you’ve done all you’ve can to get your curls back and they haven’t just cut the damage and watch how it flourishes.

8. Overusing products. Using too much of a product can clog your cuticles stoping your hair for gaining moisture, your hair could become weighted down and brittle.


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