8 Things You’ll Miss About School During Summer

Summer is right around the corner and you’re probably counting down the seconds until your last final and the first day of freedom. By this point in the year, many of us are over the school year and all we want is to be home doing nothing. However, let’s be honest, by the 3rd week of summer break we start to miss some things about our universities and some of us might even start to count down until we’re back in the classroom. Here is a list of 8 things you will miss about school during summer break.

Your Friends:

For the past year, you have huge out with the same people almost every day. You all have eaten in the dining halls together, gone to parties, and stayed up late gossiping and studying. Now that it’s summer you no longer have the luxury of seeing your college squad whenever you feel like it. Instead, you might have to plan weeks in advance just for a day of catching up.

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Your Freedom:

In college, the only person you have to answer to is yourself. If you want to stay up until 4 am or miss a class, you can. However, now that you are home for the summer you are back under your parent’s roof which means following your parent’s rules. They will want to know where you’re going, who are you with, and what time will you be home. This can be a little frustrating at first because you have gotten so used to doing as you please.

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Your Roommate:

Unless your roommate is from hell, you might find yourself missing them during summer break. This is someone who you have spent an entire school year sharing a living space with and it might feel a little weird waking up every morning without them being in the same room.

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The Parties:

Even though some weekends are more lit than others, there is still always something to do while in college. From Thirsty Thursdays to Pretty Nasty Parties, you can find a turn up just about every weekend. Once you come home, however, you will be lucky if you know someone who is throwing a BBQ on 4th  Of July. Summer break is a time when you will really miss the activities on college campus.

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The Randomness:

College is filled with random moments that make you wonder, “How did I even get here?” I have gone sliding during the wintertime with food trays my friends and I took from the cafeteria, had a water balloon fight at 3 am, and thrown surprise parties for my friends all at the spur of the moment. I always hear college graduates say that the moments they remember the most post-grad are the ones that just seemed to happen organically.


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Sporting Events:

Sporting events during the school year are fun and great for socializing and many people on campuses nationwide really get into the friendly competition of it all. On game days, you can feel the school spirit in the air, and if the team wins campus life just always seems to be extra lit. Tailgating, cheerleaders, and stadium food are things greatly missed during summer break.

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Your School Bae:

College has countless “situationships” where people act as if they are in a relationship but in actuality, they’re not. If you are one of these people then during summer break you might look up and realize that you miss your college bae. Yes, your college bae and you never agreed to be in an official relationship, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be on your mind during the break. You will also find yourself wondering if they are missing you just as much as you miss them.

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Your Campus:

You probably spent your entire school year anticipating summer break, and now that it’s here you will find that you miss your campus. Even though you might not like everything about your school, you can’t help but develop a sense of school pride in where you attend. You spend so much time at your university and sooner or later, it will start to feel like a second home. You have gotten so use to being on campus and the ins and outs of your university that there might be moments during summer break that you find yourself craving campus life.

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