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CampusLATELY Aerial Fitness

The latest fad workout has arrived and its called “Aerial Fitness.”  Remember when hot yoga, pole dancing classes, pilates, juicing, PX90, and cross-fit all first hit the scene. Our inner desire to explore and possibly find that easy fun workout that we stick with, made us try them all.

I loved Tae Bo. My best friend had a Shake Weight. My boyfriend swore by his Bowflex Home Gym. My mother still wears her Sauna Suit. Two of my girlfriends have a pair of Toning shoes. We even did the Wii Fit thing for a little while. And now lets get ready to try aerial fitness. 

Aerial Fitness is the vision of Doug Schulein of Costa Mesa. He calls it the “most unique, intense and fun workout on the market today.”

Schulein, gym owner and expert in the fitness industry for two decades, says he created the aerial fitness program with the intent of bringing the awe of the circus and Cirque du Soleil to the general public, and to use these amazing techniques to help people get fit while having the time of their life. “Everyone wants to know what it is like to be that acrobat 30 feet high. Now, anyone can gain the strength, confidence and perform amazing tricks just like those performers,” Schulein said.

CampusLATELY Aerial Fitness

As we continue to search for fitness activities that excite us as well as entice us, we can expect to see the birth of several more fad workouts. We encourage you to try them all, as each will push you and strengthen you in different ways. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to try something new and hopefully learn something new about yourself.


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