Alabama A&M Dancin’ Divas Win The #RADIANTDANCEOFF Contest


Team danced their way to a $25,000 scholarship from The Tampax and Always Radiant Collection and custom uniforms designed by Brea Stinson

The Radiant Collection from Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) leading feminine protection brands Tampax® and Always®, in partnership with HBCU Dance Corporation, Inc. named the Alabama A&M Dancin’ Divas the winner of the inaugural #RadiantDanceOff contest.

The #RadiantDanceOff, a national online dance competition designed exclusively for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), was conceptualized after learning that African-American women compromise their style and avoid activities like dancing while on their periods. The contest proves to women everywhere that they can confidently wear and do whatever they want any day of the month while showcasing the bold moves and fierce costumes worn by HBCU majorettes.

“Not only will the prize awarded by The Tampax and Always Radiant Collection make a valuable impact on the winning school, the #RadiantDanceOff competition really highlights the confidence and talent of the amazing women who make up the teams, says Keelia Brown founder of HBCU Dance Corporation, Inc.”

 Alabama A&M’s Dancin’ Divas beat out 21 teams across the country for $25,000 in scholarships and custom uniforms designed by Clark Atlanta University alumna and sought-after celebrity costume and fashion designer, Brea Stinson. The team will rock their new costumes in the 2018 school year.

“We are so thrilled to have won the first #RadiantDanceOff contest! Our performance uniforms typically don’t afford us a lot of options when it comes to selecting the appropriate feminine products and as you can imagine, it could be a nightmare without the right protection. The Radiant Collection eliminated the need for worry so now our Divas, affectionately known as the ‘hardest working ladies in the SWAC,’ can focus on what they do best— entertaining our audiences!” said Chrishana Granger, Coordinator of the Dancin’ Divas.

Over the course of two weeks, HBCU majorette teams battled it out for the top five spots in the #RadiantDanceOff competition. To enter, eligible teams submitted a short essay highlighting why their team runs the yard along with a two-minute video that was voted on by fans, alumni and students. A panel then judged the top five dance teams with the highest number of votes on:

  • Difficulty of dance steps, cohesiveness and technical proficiency
  • Originality of dance performance
  • Creative execution of wardrobe selection
  • Ability to convey character and expression in the dance
  • Essay Submission

About The Radiant Collection

With The Radiant Collection from Tampax® and Always®, women can mix and match protection for every occasion without sacrificing their personal style.

  • Tampax Radiant tampons feature a CleanSeal™ re-sealable wrapper for quick and easy, discreet disposal and a LeakGuard™ braid to help stop leaks before they happen.
  • Always Radiant pads feature a light, clean scent and absorb 10x their weight for protection you’ll forget is even there.
  • Always Radiant Daily Liners have a CleanGuard™ quilted core to absorb wetness and odors.



Founded in 2010, HBCU Dance Corporation, Inc. uses dance as a way to inspire students to attend (or stay in) college, preferably at Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU). Through its college centric dance camps, annual scholarships, mentoring programs, healthy food initiatives and funding assistance services, HBCU Dance Corporation plays an important role in helping female students, ages 12-22, recognize their beauty, strengths and full potential, while helping them identify and achieve their goals in college and beyond. To learn more about HBCU Dance Corporation, Inc., visit

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