American Airlines Pilot Ask Activist Tamika Mallory If She Will Behave, Before Throwing Her Off The Plane

This past Sunday, activist Tamika Mallory, co-chair of the Women’s March, was flying home to New York City. As an American Airlines platinum member Mallory exercised the benefits of her card by switching her middle seat to one in the aisle at a kiosk upon checking in. When she reached the gate, the attendant printed out her ticket, but it did not reflect the seat change. What as she shares her experience on Facebook.

Mallory was interviewed by NEWSONE host Roland Martin about her experience. In their conversation, Martin asked her what she wanted American Airlines to do. She responded, “I want them to go from giving people vouchers and saying ‘I’m sorry,’ to actual policy change that lets their employees know that if they discriminate and disrespect people, they will be terminated. That’s one of the things.” She continued, “That policy change piece is very, very important for us to make sure that American Airlines becomes an example for corporations across the board that they cannot disrespect people of color and discriminate against us.” Read the full article at

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