Ask Professor Lately “Greek Life” – When and How Do I Express Interest?

I’ve got a question for Professor Lately and if possible I’d like to remain anonymous because of it’s nature. Let’s talk sororities/Greek life in general. From what I’ve been told you’re not supposed to publicly express interest or else you’ll be looked at sideways. And when you finally get the opportunity to attend a rush or apply to join an org, you have to get a letter of reference from an active member but you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know one out of fear of being obvious. What do u do?


As a member of a sorority, I can tell you that just showing interest in joining a Greek Organization can be a little overwhelming. Think of it as a job interview. You present the best you. On every campus, Greek Organizations hold programs that adhere to their perspective organization’s principals. Attending these programs will give current members an opportunity to get to know you as a person. There are hundreds of interested individuals wanting the same opportunity. How will you positively stand out from the rest? When people say, “publicly express interest”, This means the entire campus shouldn’t know you are interested in being a member of Gamma Phi Gamma Fraternity or a Gamma Ray. It’s o.k. to introduce yourself to members of the organization and engage in conversation. It’s o.k. to be a human. Now I am not telling you to do this in the middle of the Student Center. Remember, consider this the same as a job interview. It’s not o.k. to tell the entire campus what organization you may be interested in because whatever Greek Organization you choose to become a part of should be held sacred. Membership into any Greek Organization is a privilege that you should want to hold close to your heart. If you are going to events an organization is hosting, it is obvious you want to be a part of their organization. The secret is already out to them, so why not introduce yourself. Who knows where it may lead?



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