Ask Professor Lately…. Trump & Racist?

Is every white person who voted for trump racist? I work at Forever 21 with some supporters and I walk in to work mad. I need a new strategy to deal with these white folks. Any suggestions?

QUIT. Just kidding. Think about this, is every black person that attends a P.W.I. trying to deny their culture? No. We can’t put people in a box based on the opinions and actions of some. Every Trump supporter isn’t racist. Some people actually believed in his political views and campaign promises. So, no, every white person at your job that voted for Trump does not deserve the cold shoulder. You are more than welcome to your political views and so are they. For starters, I would not discuss politics at work. I wouldn’t discuss politics in any environment that I need to survive in without hostility. If someone brings up politics, remove yourself from the conversation just to keep your peace. Now, I am not telling you to become a hermit and lose your freedom of speech but my mother always told me not to argue with a fool because from a distance you really can’t tell who the fool is. So it’s ok to drop some facts on them, but don’t let your facts turn into a discussion that hinders your employment. Talk to your co-workers about how uncomfortable the topic makes you feel. With your co-workers seeing your concern on the matter if they really aren’t racist they should feel sorry for making you feel uncomfortable and never bring the subject up again.

-xo Professor Lately



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