Author Tomi Adeyemi ‘Black Lives Matter’ Inspired Book Lands Movie Deal

Twenty-three-year-old Tomi Adeyemi has been named the creator of what is being called a Black Lives Matter inspired fantasy. A Nigerian-American writer, also a graduate of Harvard, Adeyemi is a writer and creative writing coach. Her novel, Children of Blood and Bone, was discovered and offered a movie deal by Fox 2000. This has been acclaimed by many as more than a remarkable achievement.


This novel is the beginning of a trilogy surrounding Zélie Adebola, the main character. She saw her mother hung and murdered
at the age of six because she had magic. The dark-skinned and magical people in the story are highly disliked. Yet, Zélie wanted to bring the magic back into the world.

A blend of African culture and fantasy along with inspiration and motivation. It is no mistake that this novel is a fan favorite. After acquiring this news, Tomi took her excitement to Twitter to announce her achievement. This seven-figure deal awarded to Adeyemi, however, is not a fantasy, this is real-life black girl magic.

What Advice Do You Have?

“Don’t lie to yourself about being a writer,” Tomi explains about her advice to aspiring novelists and other writers. “I didn’t admit to myself I was a writer until last May, and once I did, things moved pretty quickly.” She also recommends writing consistently to perfect the craft and reading constantly to learn more about different genres and verticals.

“If you want to write, just believe that you can, because it’s about perseverance,” she says.

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