Beauty Hack: How To Keep Your Nails Fleeky On A Budget

Hey, Girls!! Kendra here. Hope all is well with each one of you reading this article. It’s Sunday again! And per usual, I’m gearing up for another exciting week. Me and the boo have been talking about ways to save money and cut costs with bills and such. I don’t know about you, but here in Ohio-it’s FREEZING. My heat stays “lit”. I’m blessed to have heat and I’m going to use it. But there are still other ways to supplement for my high energy bills. Then it hit me!

Now before I go into this let me just say that I know some of you are DIEHARD I get my nails done every two weeks FAITHFULLY, I don’t care how much it cost, I get the jewels, diamonds, glitter, and my bae initials on them etc. type of chicks. No shade. Do you boo! I’m more so here for the ladies tryna save a coin-hence the name of the article. Forgive me for getting off track. SMH. Anyway,  just a quick fun fact. According to Daily Finance, the beauty industry grosses an average of 6 billion dollars per year. Sheesh! That’s a lot of moolah. Just think of the money we could be saving by making small changes to our nail parlor routines. Let me explain what I mean. See below for a few tips on how to keep your nails on fleek when you’re on a budget.

Cut Back on The Fancy Schmancy Salons

If you generally go to a salon where they do nails, give massages, and pretty much are a complete spa then consider coming down a few notches and finding a cheaper go-to salon. As long as it’s a clean shop, the techs have great customer service and they offer reasonable prices, you’ll be getting pretty much the same thing as a fancy salon without the bells and whistles and that’s OK. At the end of the day, what is the mission? To get your nails done right? Great. Mission complete.

Choose a ¾ Full Bottle

According to, choosing a bottle that is at least ¾ full will help extend your Mani and/or Pedi for up to two weeks. A bottle that is at least ¾ full usually means a fresh bottle that hasn’t been used to death and has a smooth consistency. Old nail polish tends to be thick and yucky or worse—thin and cheap looking. Gross.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

I’m famous for this one. I generally always bring my own personal polish when I go to the nail parlor. But it’s more so because I’m picky about my color. Here lately I’ve branched out, though. I found a really nice salon here in Ohio that has a great selection. Anywho, this practice is good in that you can touch-up your color at home before having to go back for another service or take it off completely in the event you have chipping.

Consider Your Tip

Always pay a man what he is worth. This is a motto that I follow and you should too! Therefore, if you can not afford to tip your nail technician then you ought not to be getting your nails done eh? When thinking about going to the nail parlor, consider how much you will tip based on the services you want. If the total amount is too much with the tip included-scale back some.

Handle The Removal Process Yourself

I absolutely LOVE gel polish and my gel nails. I rarely even get regular polish anymore at this point and I pretty much always get my mid length gels.  I’m not sure if the salon you go to charges to remove gel polish, but I have seen some salons that do and they definitely all charge to remove the gel nails once you’re over them. Save money by doing this yourself. Purchase this $10 acetone remover by Sally Johansen and avoid cuts/scratches that may occur when getting this done at the salon.

Do Them Yourself

When you really think about it, there really isn’t a lot to Manis and Pedis. It’s more of the environment and the experience that costs us money than the labor itself. That being said, if you want to really save money in this area, you can do so and still have pretty, healthy nails. Invest in the proper tools and do them yourself. Granted, it won’t be the same, but the mission is still completed. I know plenty of women who don’t do nail parlors due to paranoia about bacterial/health issues and they still keep their nails up nicely.

Congrats! You’re on your way to saving a few dollars in a smart way while still getting what you want. Poppin’ nails honey! Saving doesn’t mean Suffering. Well not completely. Sacrificing can come in the smallest of forms. Remember that!!

Have a blessed week!



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