The “Black” Netherlands Also Fear Trumps Win


[Tweet “Unfortunate acts do not define us or the future we shape. They only make room for improvement. “]

The last couple of weeks, have been the hardest on anyone who had hope unity would prevail. For most of us, around the world, this entire charade has been a wake up call. People don’t only want America to be “great again” but they want the world to be. We’ve seen close friends easily change and shift opinions about strong issues. We’ve seen fear like we’ve never seen before and things happen on an international level we could only describe as “retro”.

akarenkkk-21In the Netherlands things have been quite unsettling. After the KKK announced that they have always been among us and plan to come out with a stronger presence. This sent ripples of fear through the black community in the Netherlands. We should all be aware and in some cases afraid of the decisions people make in the name of democracy and justice.

One black New Yorker while protesting,  explained that we should start fighting back. She stated that rallies and protesting peacefully is not enough. The media took her words and manipulated them only focusing on the statement that “people need to die in order for change to happen.” There is some truth in that statement based on history alone.

“People need to die in order for change to happen?” Which means that the world is incapable or rather unwilling to change, unless it’s subjected to pain and fear. When I look at the world’s largest events surrounding hate crimes and racism. I have to say that I agree. Somewhere, something happened. Someone did or said something and it caused a national panic. Which soon reached other nations including here in the Netherlands, resulting in an international crisis.

The worst thing is that we were actually in a good place, where people had begun to believe that racism was dying. “A thing of the past and only the past”. But just like denim, everything can make a comeback. This is a reminder that we are the change we want to see in others. As long as we’re dishonest, not connected and not unified we will not be able to set an example for the future

President-elect Trump, is going to be president. This is going to be a hard four years on an international level, but exactly how hard depends on what we do to protect others and those we love.




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