Black Women On Michelle Obama’s Significance

When Barack Obama was elected  president of the United States, it was a great moment for African-Americans. More specifically, when Michelle Obama walked into the White House it was a life-altering moment for black women all over the world and five black women were asked to weigh in on how much Michelle Obama’s presence meant to them.

It gave me hope in our country. As an African-American when you look at the past people who have run this country none of the faces look like yours so to see not just an African-American man running the country, but an African-American family in The White House has reassured me that although this country has a long way to go it has come a long way. Seeing Michelle Obama, specifically made me proud to be a black woman. I think as black women sometimes we forget that we are much more than our assets and our black men. We are incredible, intelligent, and beautiful people on our own. The great thing is that Michelle Obama didn’t just help us black women see that, she showed it to the world.- Taylor H.

She redefined the black woman’s position in the home. You can have your career, husband, and children. We don’t have to stay at home and cook three meals a day. Also, she didn’t get lost in the shadow of her husband. She had her own thoughts and opinions that she doesn’t mind sharing. In addition to that, her fashion is awesome. She is a tall, curvy, black woman so she exemplified the importance of dressing to impress for your body type.-Kristin B.

Ahh man…it meant everything. To see a black woman in the house that was lived in by white people only as POTUS and FLOTUS was monumental. I still remember the election in 2008 and how I cried and became obsessed with that family. She’s amazing. Michelle Obama is such a great representation of what a black woman is and what we can be. There’s always this stigma with women that you can’t have it all (i.e. kids, career, husband) but she has it all and she would still be a boss without President Obama. She gives me hope of having my cake and eating it too in the future.-Tiffany B.

It meant a lot to see a black woman in the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama taught me a lot of things, including simply how to be a wife. On television shows, in the media, and even in our own households sometimes black women have terrible depictions of how to be a wife to a black man. All we see is black women emasculating and yelling at their husbands. On the other hand, all we saw Michelle Obama do was support, encourage, uplift, and love her man. And the fact that she did all of this while in high heels and the latest fashions just further proves how much of a superwoman and super-wife that she is.- Bianca B.

As a black woman, Michelle Obama’s presence in the White House illustrated for me that there are endless limits to reaching our highest potential as African-American women. Over the last eight years, she has successfully demonstrated how an earnest work ethic, a commitment to learning and growing, passion, and a desire to help others besides yourself can help you accomplish so much in life. Personally it has been an honor and a privilege to say I have worked in this administration alongside her and her husband doing what I can to advance the administration’s goals and support their initiatives. If she can make so many influential impacts on society in her role, I know I can make contributions and improvements to my organization in the treasury department. Michelle Obama has truly been an influential and inspiring African-American woman.-Taylor D.

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