#BlackTwitter Humor or Coping Mechanisms?

The tweet above was posted weeks before two of the latest incidents regarding black culture took over Twitter. In a span of three days, black twitter has managed to take unfortunate situations and turn them into humor for everyone to join in on. The hashtags quickly became trending topics on Twitter and spread to the other social media platforms. If you haven’t heard about #NiggerNavy or #HiddenFences, prepare to get the scoop.

On January 5th, Yahoo Finance attempted to post a simple tweet promoting a story about President-elect Trump and the navy. Unfortunately, one typo changed the words “bigger navy” to “nigger navy.” The tweet was up for two hours before Yahoo caught the mistake and took the tweet down. In this age of information, two hours was more than enough time for screenshots and retweets to light up Twitter. Luckily the “b” is right next to the “n” on the keyboard, which made it easy to label the mistake a typo. After quick dialogue about the intentions of the tweet, the hashtag #NiggerNavy was created.

Less than a week later, the Golden Globes aired with the whole world watching. Unfortunately, the names of two movies important to our culture were butchered the entire night. “Hidden Figures” and “Fences” became #HiddenFences in the eyes of the film industry for the show. After continuously¬†hearing this mistake on the red carpet and throughout the show, black twitter took action and created the hashtag combining black projects.

Of course the humor is enjoyable, but are we just using this as a coping mechanism? It made me realize that some of our natural reactions could be responses to problems we don’t acknowledge. Are the coping mechanism good for mental health or is it just a way of sweeping our problems under the rug? Do you think the coping mechanism on Twitter is healthy for racial issues in America? Let’s have an open discussion in the comment section or on our social media accounts.

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GoodTherapy.org has listed the most common coping mechanisms and ways to use them to benefit you below. Be sure to check them out!

Support. Talking about a stressful event with a supportive person can be an effective way to manage stress. Seeking external support instead of self-isolating and internalizing the effects of stress can often greatly reduce the negative effects of a difficult situation.
Relaxation. Any number of relaxing activities can help people cope with stressful situations. Relaxing activities may include practicing meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, or calming techniques; sitting in nature; or listening to soft music, for example.
Problem-solving. This coping mechanism involves identifying a problem that is causing stress and then developing and putting into action some potential solutions for effectively managing it.
Humor. Making light of a stressful situation may help people maintain perspective and prevent the situation from becoming overwhelming.
Physical activity. Exercise can serve, for many people, as a natural and healthy form of stress relief. Running, yoga, swimming, walking, dance, team sports and many other types of physical activity can help people cope with stressful situations and the aftereffects of traumatic events.

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