Body Language Signals That Show Interest

A lot of times the person you like may not say how they feel leaving you perplexed trying to figure out if the feelings are mutual. Actions truly do speak louder than words, especially when it comes to someone being interested so here are some signals to give you some clarity.

Mockingbird Behavior
When someone likes you they will partake in “mockingbird behavior”, which is imitating the same nonverbal behavior as you. If someone mimics your body language then that is a way of saying that they feel the same way that you do.

Comfortable Stare
Staring is normally very uncomfortable and can be considered creepy depending on who is doing the staring. On the other hand, when someone is interested they will give you a comfortable stare that will make you blush if you are mutually interested.

Enlarged Eyes
The average person’s eyes enlarge when they see a big piece of chocolate cake on the kitchen counter that they want. So, picture that you are the chocolate cake. If they like you their eyes will enlarge and pupils will dilate. If they don’t, then their eyes will stay at their normal resting state. Pay attention to the eyes because the eyes truly do tell the soul.

Unfolded Arms
When someone’s arms are unfolded that means they feel comfortable with you and are opening themselves up to you, meaning they are interested in you. On the other hand, when someone folds their arms that means they feel guarded and don’t feel keen towards you or what you are saying.

Wide Legs
If their legs are opened wide then that is a clear indication that they are open to you. They don’t have to necessarily be opened wide enough to do the splits, but just wide enough where they are comfortably sitting.

Leaning In Your Direction
The way someone sits can tell you a lot about how they are feeling. When someone is leaning towards you then that signals that he feels drawn to you and is feeling a connection. If they are leaning away from you in their chair then that is the equivalent of pulling away from you.

High Smile
If they like what you are saying they will give a high smile showing all of their teeth like they just won a free Happy Meal. High smiles mean that they are genuinely interested and low smiles mean they are faking their interest.
Invasion of Space
Everybody has an invisible bubble that is the area of personal space that should be between you and someone else. When a person likes you they will invade your space and cha cha slide right into your bubble.

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