Butler High School Bans Natural Hair Styles

Having natural hair is a beautiful thing and should be accepted in all forms of its reigning glory be it twist, cornrows, locs or afros. Natural hair is a part of the African-American culture and should be loved and appreciated. Unfortunately, that is not the case for Butler Traditional High School in Louisville Kentucky. Parents and students were outraged when they were given a copy of the dress code guidelines and it clearly stated “hair styles that are extreme, distracting or attention-getting will not be permitted.” The document went on to list the hair styles that are forbidden to be worn by students “No dreadlocks, cornrolls (which should have been cornrows) twists etc. Kentucky state representative Attica Scott took to social media via Twitter on Wednesday to express her concerns about this matter when her daughter came home with a copy of the dress code policy

On Friday a meeting was held to address the matters of the hair styles stated in the dress code policy. Some parents and students felt that it was racial discrimination towards the black students “I feel as if you all are telling me why my hair, why my skin color is a burden, and I know that’s not true,” said Shayla Ford, a Butler student. While others felt that the policy was taken out of context, when discovered the hair styles regulations only applied to the male students. “It’s a lot of what you call race baiting,” said Keisha Cospy, a Butler parent. “They have Caucasian males that are not allowed to have long hair. You can’t look like a rock star and go to school.” Cospy’s daughter who is a student at Butler High School said that “this is all just a misunderstanding.”11119336_G The policy has now been suspended temporarily, “Right now, I think it was important for us to suspend the policy immediately, so we have an opportunity to get an open and honest conversation about the hair issue,” Allen said Principal at Butler High School. Hopefully with the new school year quickly approaching, student will be able to attend school at Butler High without having to worry being kicked out of school because of their natural hair.

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