CampusLATELY Career Series: What Can I Do With My Major “Business Administration and Management Majors”

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Business Administration and Management Majors

Some students pursue a business degree because they are interested in human resources, entrepreneurship or are undecided and see this degree as a safe and secure option. However, it was recently reported that there are 74% more students pursuing business degrees and MBAs than in recent years. Thus, this is a saturated market, but only to an extent. Many college students graduate from college with a business degree ONLY, accompanied with no experience, no concentration or even a plan.

There are levels of qualifications within each major that you can meet. You can ensure that you graduate with multiple career and job options if you prepare now. Will you require certifications, additional education and/or relevant job experience? Map it out!!  If you plan to work in a bank try to gain experience while in college through a job or your university. If you plan to be a financial advisor start looking into the series 6 & 7 exams now. Your options are simple. Plan now through volunteering, working and creating opportunities to grow your resume or take whatever they give you after graduation. Read through our list of 58 jobs for Business Administration degrees and identify what aligns with your career plans.


Accountant – An accountant is a person who is in charge of maintaining, editing and reporting private or public financial records in accordance with governmental regulations. Average Salary: $37,335 – $51,137

Acquisitions Tax Manager – An acquisitions tax manager is a higher level of the accounting team who is responsible for taxes of property acquisitions management during company purchases. Average Salary: $105,000 – $115,000

Agency Underwriter – An agency underwriter serves as a commercial insurance products retailer who also provides insurance policies and coverage for small or medium sized businesses. Average Salary: $43,490 – $76,700

Appraiser – An appraiser is a real-estate professional trained in providing a property’s (home or business) estimated value. Average Salary: $37,935 – $48,415

Bank Compliance Officer – A bank compliance officer keeps track of all accounting, lending and investments made within a bank according to federal regulations. Average Salary: $60,834 – $94,665

Banker – A banker is responsible for monitoring financial activities, establishing positive customer relations and dealing with private and corporate customers in retail or commercial banking offices. Average Salary: $29,736 – $42,969

Benefits Administrator – Benefits administrators work in human resources and are responsible for maintaining employee benefits and all associated benefit documentation while providing information and advice on coverage eligibility and employee coverage options and compensation programs. Average Salary: $35,807 – $46,597

Billing Clerk – Billing clerks work in private or commercial businesses and keep track of how much money customers owe a business, then calculate and prepare the customers’ bills. Average Salary: $24,955 – $35,211

Biomedical Technician – A biomedical technician, or medical repairer, works to repair various medical equipment such as defibrillators, heart monitors, electric wheelchairs and ventilators. Average Salary: $46,069 – $57,253

Bookkeeper – Bookkeepers maintain financial records, typically in the form of ledgers for a business, and perform basic accounting tasks. Average Salary: $32,853 – $42,664

Budget Analyst – Budget analysts work with organizations to create, analyze and execute business budgets for private, government or nonprofit businesses. Average Salary: $42,860 – $55,079

Business Risk Consultant – A business risk consultant is a professional who determines possible problems a business may have, potential financial losses or corporate threats within a company. Average Salary: $64,000 – $95,000

Casino Gaming Manager – A casino gaming manager maintains all gaming operations and the planning and coordinating of all games played within the casino. Average Salary: $38,028 – $61,636

Certified Financial Planner – Certified financial planners work with clients to determine how they can meet lifelong financial goals through various management techniques. Average Salary: $40,999 – $61,431

Chief Financial Officer – The chief administrative officer leads an organization and must oversee various operations including finance, manufacturing, research, and development, marketing and property management. Average Salary: $73,252 – $183,427

Chief Lending Officer – Chief lending officers supervise bank, savings institutions or credit unions staff members and develop loans. Average Salary: $75,000 – $107,000

Chief Technology Officer – A chief technology officer focuses on technological problems, research and development tactics, and the creation of long- term goals through capital transformation. Average Salary: $170,885 – $259,414

Claims Assistant – A claims assistant reviews and edits claims filed for employees under workers compensation and provides clerical services to risk analysts’ claims. Average Salary: $24,000 – $36,000

Clerical Aide – Clerical aides perform multiple office tasks such scheduling appointments and managing budgets and financial records. Average Salary: $18,560 – $22,270

Commercial Lender – A commercial lender issues business loans that may involve real estate, non-confirming assets or other sources of security backed up by collateral. Average Salary: $57,328 – $73,912

Commercial Loan Processor – A commercial loan processor is responsible for processing commercial loan applications and obtaining the necessary requirements and information for the application to be approved. Average Salary: $29,222 – $41,281

Compliance Analyst – Compliance analysts work to make sure businesses actions meet certain standards as well as federal regulations and laws. Average Salary: $41,386 – $63,846

Compliance Specialist – Compliance specialists analyze the legality of certain business operations and provide duties such as planning audits and leading in law-related matters. Average Salary: $50,562 – $67,960

Computer Office Technician – Computer office technicians maintain, install and repair office computer systems. Average Salary: $28,030 – $34,970

Construction Administrator – A construction administrator maintains paperwork associated with construction jobs or projects. Average Salary: $36,044 – $51,336

Construction Manager – Construction managers plan, develop and coordinate construction projects: including commercial, residential and industrial projects. Average Salary: $56,083 – $104,108

Contract Lawyer – A contract lawyer works on various legal cases on a temporary or contract basis. Average Salary: $67,000 – $74,000

Contract Negotiator – A contract negotiator is a middleman between two organizations, helping them reach positive outcomes. Average Salary: $50,057 – $84,617

Corporate Auditor – Corporate auditors are responsible for a company’s tax, accounting and auditing activities as well as maintaining public records. Average Salary: $42,520 – $71,960

Corporate Development Manager – A corporate development manager develops strategies and determines profitable acquisitions for a company. Average Salary: $81,359 – $114,331

Corporate Travel Manager – A corporate travel manager is the head of a businesses travel department who manages and arranges a businesses employee travel plans. Average Salary: $61,358 – $102,876

Court Clerk – Court clerks are responsible for clerical work in a city, state or federal court system. Average Salary: $27,777 – $42,841

Credit Analyst – Credit analysts review files for bill collection and analyze the paying habits of delinquent bill-paying customers. Average Salary: $44,449 – $74,829

Credit Counselor – Credit counselors provide financial advice and counseling to people who are in debt by calculating estimated debts and funds and arranging payment adjustments. Average Salary: $27,843 – $37,891

Credit Manager – Credit managers’ direct credit operations of credit bureaus or retail shops and help customers fill out credit applications. Average Salary: $38,839 – $70,793

Customer Service Associate – Customer service associates provide companies who buy or sell a service a link between the business and potential customers. Average Salary: $26,680 – $38,000

Customer Service Representative – Customer service representatives deal with service complaints, help customers on the phone and in person, complete contract forms and determine charges for services. Average Salary: $23,449 – $35,281

Data Entry Clerk – Data entry clerks maintain computer information, type data into computers and operate office machines. Average Salary: $21,157 – $30,156

Demand Forecast Manager – Demand forecast managers keep track of market trends to help determine product popularity. Average Salary: $68,000 – $128,000

E-Commerce Manager – An E-Commerce manager is responsible for maintaining, developing and upgrading websites for businesses and organizations. Average Salary: $56,059 – $109,364

Economist – Economists study how society uses resources such as labor, land, machinery and raw materials to produce services and goods. Average Salary: $48,124 – $100,495

Education Administrator – Educational administrators provide leadership and are responsible for daily activities in schools, colleges and universities. Average Salary: $47,657 – $81,598

Education Supervisor – An education supervisor develops and coordinates school operations, both long- and short-term. Average Salary: $39,000 – $87,872

Environmental Analyst – Environmental analysts develop research studies for controlling environmental pollutants and collect data for research models, projects, and surveys to identify concepts to help decrease environmental problems. Average Salary: $65,000 – $86,212

Escrow Closer – An escrow closer is someone who prepares and executes escrow agreements and files and delivers legal papers and deeds. Average Salary: $31,612 – $51,238

Event Manager – Event managers coordinate special events, such as parties and seminars, and plan fundraisers, promotional events, and convention booths. Average Salary: $37,662 – $57,059

Executive Receptionist – Executive receptionists represent a business, company or individual, and communicate with customers while handling multiple office duties and equipment. Average Salary: $25,000 – $35,000

Facilities Coordinator – Facilities coordinators oversee a business maintenance staff, company grounds, and supplies. Average Salary: $33,408 – $50,411

Fashion Merchandising Technician – A fashion merchandising technician is responsible for improving sales of fashion items and organization merchandise display within retail shops. Average Salary: $31,550 – $57,010

Financial Accountant – Financial accountants analyze and prepare a client’s financial paperwork and records and make sure all taxes are paid. Average Salary: $45,038 – $63,968

Financial Analyst – A financial analyst is responsible for providing investment decisions for individuals and businesses. Average Salary: $44,210 – $63,697

Financial Center Manager – Financial center managers typically work in a bank setting and handle financial transactions made by clients. Average Salary: $81,880 – $116,165

Flight Attendant – Flight attendants are in charge of airline safety and security regulations, and keep passengers comfortable during a flight. Average Salary: $31,310 – $67,590

Food Science Technician – Food science technicians analyze, classify and compare food, beverages, preservatives and additives to make sure they meet certain regulations and standards. Average Salary: $24,328 – $49,891

Forecast Analyst – A forecast analyst prepares budgets and proposals and makes forecasts depending on specific financial matters. Average Salary: $50,690 – $66,763

General Office Assistants – General office assistants are hired in companies, schools, offices or hospitals and are responsible for administration activities, supervising co-workers and reviewing memos. Average Salary: $30,177 – $42,630

Hospitality Administrator – A hospitality administrator handles tourist operators for a hotel or resorts giving tourists a satisfying experience. Average Salary: $31,141 – $42,320

Human Resource Manager – Human resource managers are responsible for overseeing an organization, company or agency’s human resource department, screening resumes and setting up appointments during the hiring process. Average Salary: $45,001 – $74,472

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As you can see all roads do not lead to the same final destination. There are no rules to reference how you should get there. Some people have these exact jobs without ever having a Business Administration and Management Degree. Share with us your career plans and stories of how you started on one career path and ended in a completely different field.


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