CampusLATELY’s 20 Top Career Fair Tips

2012-09-26-careerfairThe career fair is your opportunity to be judged by more than just your resume and these top career fair tips will help you take full advantage and leave an impression in the minds of those hiring managers.

Here are the 20 Top Career Fair Tips that will prepare you and assist you in marketing yourself as a top candidate.

  1. Some career fairs include follow-up interviewing as part of the fair – Be prepared to possibly interview that day or even the following day.
  2. Know which employers are attending – Google and research companies relevant to your degree
  3. Have plenty of copies of your resume ready – You might need to prepare more than one version each highlighting different skills.
  4. Some employers cannot accept hard copy resumes and will ask you to apply online – This is to comply with federal regulations about the way employers keep data on applicants.
  5. Prepare and practice your elevator pitch. A 20 to 30 second introduction of yourself to use with employers.
  6. Don’t ask about money or information you could have easily learned on the employer’s website.
  7. Know the dress code.
  8. Ladies wear sensible shoes and be prepared for a lot of walking and standing.
  9. Watch your manners and mannerisms.
  10. Handshakes are critical – Have a good handshake and make good eye contact.
  11. Be clear and engaging when you speak.
  12. You are allowed to get promotional goodies during the career fair. However’, never take a handful or appear more excited about the promotional goodies then the job possibility.
  13. If you find that your promotional goodie bag is full and a second bag is needed take the first bag to your room or the car. – Do not walk around with several bags.
  14. Carry a simple portfolio to keep your resumes organized and ready.
  15.  Do ask for information you could not find on the employer’s website.
  16. Volunteer to help with the career and use that as a networking opportunity.
  17. Attend the events sponsored by your campus to help better prepare you for the career fair –  Simply put: you don’t know what don’t know
  18. Wait patiently for the recruiter to finish any other conversations – Read through their material, practice your elevator pitch, or go over your questions in your head.
  19. Do not come wearing your backpack or purse – Free hands
  20. Do not walk around passing booths texting on your phone. Use this opportunity to focus and remain present because you are being judged by your future employer.

Great Questions to Ask During a Career Fair
– What kind of person are you seeking for this position?
– What particular skills do you value most?
– What do you like about working for your organization?
– What are current issues that your organization is facing that would have an impact on new hires?

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