Changing Your Look For College

beyonce and modelsIf you are into changing  your look for college and want to use this new transition as a catalyst to make a new start, here are a few tips. Most incoming freshman use the summer before they start college to make that change. Your wardrobe is the key to making that fresh start and creating a new personal style that fits the new you, you are becoming.

Here are a few steps to take to find just what you’re looking for:

1. Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self. No other time in life will you have limited responsibilities and excess time. Take advantage of this time and figure out who you are and what you represent. Use fashion as a way to express yourself.

2. Get a new hairstyle

Change your color, get a haircut, do something crazy or something you’ve always wanted to do but your parents didn’t approve! (LOL)

 3. Add a new signature pieces to your closet

A signature piece or simple accessory has the potential to change the statement your outfit is making. You can add some jewelry, a dope purse, an original pair of shoes, or a one of a kind hat.

4. Put together a few personal style pictures from pinterest into a board


5.Make it your own!

No one wants to get to know a copycat, make sure you don’t copy the style from someone else by every inch of their outfit. Add your own spin to it, make it unique, make sure it helps you stand out. College has thousands sometimes millions of students, how will you stand out from the crowd.

~ Bria Davenport

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