Christmas Break Via Collegiate Students

Christmas Break is something that collegiate students nationally look forward to.  Here are 3 things all collegiate students will be grateful for this Christmas.


1 Family

For many, this is the only holiday students actually get to go home. The rest of the year, traveling is too expensive, jobs and internships are occupying our days, nights, and weekends, and Christmas break is just long enough. We get to reunite with our siblings, cousins, grandparents, and distant family members that hit you with the “how old are you now?” and that is the most important part of the holidays.

2 A Real Break From School Work

Fall Break, Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, and even Summer Break, many college students STILL are taking classes, have assignments and paper piling up. Christmas Break is one of those breaks where even professors are over it. Everyone has stressed over finals and getting in grades on time and needs a chance to just exhale. This break is long overdue.

3. Good Food

Even though the cafe food is to die for, literally. No matter your hometown, you miss that good old hometown cooking. Wherever you go to school, your taste buds have settled for the style of cooking they have in that town, but just a thought of a plate from granny’s house will have your mouth watering. If you missed Thanksgiving break, Christmas is that last big opportunity to pig out on a plate and no college student will miss that for the world.

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