Clark Atlanta University Student Jamarion Robinson Shot 76 Times #JusticeForJam

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On August 5, 2016, Jamarion Robinson was shot and killed by U.S. Marshals in East Point, GA within Metro-Atlanta. They had been pursuing a man who allegedly shot at a police officer the week before. A battering ram was used to gain entry into the home and upon entry, marshals began firing their weapons. A neighbor captured the incident on video, but from outside, where you can hear a barrage of gunfire. Out of the 95 shots that were fired, 76 of those bullets hit Jamarion. When relatives arrived on the scene, they were shown a picture of the man marshals had been searching for and they noticed the man in the picture was not Jamarion. Ever since, family and loved ones, along with the community, have been fighting for justice.


After Jamarion Robinson had been shot, U.S. marshals dragged his body down the flight of stairs, across the foyer, and into the living room, where he bled out. The family hired a private investigator, Rashid McCall of Opposition Research LLC, to examine the crime scene. They allowed community leaders and organizers to tour the townhome where he had lived. The first thing to take note of was the dried blood smeared across the foyer and a bullet hole in in the wall directly across from the front door, above head. Next, a pool of blood in the living room floor. Ascending the stairs was more dried blood and bullet holes, numbered by investigators. Some of the carpet had been cut out on the very top step; the wood paneling was visible. There was blood splatter on the wall directly across from the staircase. In the room ahead to the left, there was a single bullet hole in the wall and a small spot of blood splatter on the wall. There were three bullets that had been missed by Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) investigators. Rashid McCall’s findings suggest that Jamarion had been shot by someone that stood directly over his body, as the space where the carpet had been cut out held the three bullets at a perpendicular angle. Upon examining the crime scene, it was clear that this was an execution; complete overkill.


The call to action following Jamarion’s death was immediate. From touring the crime scene to marching, the community made it apparent that they supported the family. They went so far as to occupy the townhome to prevent the complex from remodeling and destroying evidence. The complex’s plans were halted by the D.A.’s office, who began their own investigation into the incident. Community organizers also met with representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) here in Georgia and were told that the GBI had to conclude their investigation before they stepped in. It has been over a month and the family of Jamarion Robinson are awaiting answers. The fight continues.

Family, Friends, Organizers and Community Members marched and protested from Clark Atlanta University (Jamarion’s former college where he played football) to the CNN Center to raise awareness of his case and #SayHisName

Follow the hashtag – #JusticeForJam for updates on Jamarion Robinson.

Written By: Robyn Lazette


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  • Andrew Thomas Reply

    August 6, 2017 at 7:05 PM

    There was no mistaken identity. This type of misleading, false fact reporting is not helping anyone or anything except inciting more hatred. Journalist have a responsibility to report the truth not an ugly, slanted misrepresentation. I am disappointed Clark staff would re-run this after everyone knows the suspect was not the wrong person. It is very tragic and unfortunate this happened.

  • Welcome to Imperial Hiphop Reply

    October 23, 2017 at 1:34 PM

    […] were shown a picture of the man marshals had been searching for and they noticed the man in the picture was not Jamarion. Ever since, family and loved ones, along with the community, have been fighting for […]

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