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The fall semester is fast approaching with many students anticipating which organizations they will join in the upcoming semester. Each university has different types of organizations ranging from modeling troupes to religious groups. Here is a list of the five types of organizations and groups that can enhance your career.

1. Fraternities and Sororities

Being a part of a fraternity or sorority is much more than step shows and parties. To be a member of a fraternity or sorority, you acquire new skills for your career. These skills range from leadership opportunities, project management, delegation, and time management. The members are given networking opportunities through conferences and conventions.

2. Royal Court

To be Miss or Mister of a university or classification is one of the highest honors a college student can receive. Members of Royal Court develop leadership skills and enhance their public speaking. There is an intertwining of networking among Royal Court members throughout various universities. Occasionally, Royal Court members receive press coverage highlighting their leadership abilities.

3. Student Government Association

Being a member of Student Government can enhance your career in many ways. Positions such as public relations can offer experience in your major. All positions in SGA offer leadership opportunities. Most, if not all positions enhance skills such as public speaking, time-management, conflict resolution, delegation, and project management. Some universities require members to work in the SGA office for a certain amount of hours each week, giving members the opportunity to experience having an administrative job.

4. Political and Civil Rights Organizations

Becoming a member of a political or civil rights organization shows the university, your peers, and future employers that you are a leader in your community. When joining a national organization such as the NAACP, one can receive networking opportunities among other members around the country. The most rewarding incentives of national political and civil rights organizations are scholarship opportunities they provide.

5. Academic and Professional Organizations

There are many benefits of being in an academic or professional organization that most people do not realize. These organizations give its members networking opportunities, including resume-building. Members also receive job and internship placement. National organizations such as National Association of Blacks in Journalism, American Marketing Association, and American Chemical Society gives its members the opportunity to job shadow potential employers as well as offer scholarship opportunities for those who seek it.

As noted in the above article, many opportunities that exist to strengthen a student’s career can be found for those who seek to develop new skills.

What organizations are you apart of and how have they helped shape your career endeavors?

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