College Survival Guide: The Social Media DIET


 A big part of achieving a happy and healthy self… Is your mental state. I definitely have to touch on the mentally trying topics in our generation in order to make sure inner health is taken care of (which is a reflection of outward appearance). In my twenty something years of life (and counting).. through trial and error I can say that I am at a happy and healthy place. I have so many personal goals that I have achieved and I want to continue to achieve more. Though, sometimes like everyone else I find myself getting in my own way (hustling backward). As Daniel Dipiazza put it best, “I’m not saying you should aim low, or that you shouldn’t set goals and work towards them. The problem isn’t with goal setting or ambition. The problem is what to do with our emotions during the in-between phases when our reality doesn’t match our grand vision for life.” This is one of the MANY things I have learned in college.

I am going to say this the nicest way I know how….


Now I know what your thinking…”girl you don’t pay my phone bill!”.. yeah yeah..  but it’s for your own good, especially when you’re in the midst of stress or trying to set out the goals you want in YOUR LIFE. How can you figure out the life you love and want to live when you are busy analyzing everyone else. The beauty of social media is that people only show you what they want to show. I do it…you do it.. its human nature to want to only show others during their prime. When your face is beat, when you get the new job, just got into a new relationship, just got that diploma. I feel like you should always show love and congratulations to those who are doing great. But its a problem when social media starts to affect your own personal growth.

We have:

  • job goals
  • body goals
  • relationship goals
  • house goals
  • car goals
  • friend goals
  • family goals
  • food goals
  • hair goals
  • school goals
  • sport goals
  • goals goals….

You may be seeing all of this “success” and you may use it as inspiration (which is great) but then subconsciously you start to compare and slowly that turns into an obsession and that obsession turns into living vicariously through others “perceived” lives. That eventually turns into envy and idealization.. this cycle continues until you somehow bury yourself in this artificial misery (it’s artificial because you made these irrational ideas up in your own head) and pop the million dollar question.. Damn..what am I doing with MY LIFE? WHY DON’T I HAVE *insert here*?


What you see is a 100% perfect relationship in a picture that you want to have but at this exact moment, they are probably arguing over a can of paint. (it’s like that sometimes).



The new car he’s flossing on Instagram that you wish you had could possibly be his moms or a rental.



In the past, if I had cashed out my bi-weekly Auntie Anne’s payroll (Fun fact! I used to worked there) and turned them into ones, I would’ve probably fooled you too.


Things happen, nothing’s perfect 100%, no one’s perfect, If you want something you have to work for it period through its not always easy and it’s okay. How you get it is up to your personal preference but what is a life without struggle and a story? Social media is not the tap water out the faucet, it’s filtered crystal clear. Personally, I am NOT going to show 1500+ people everything I may or may not be going through and I suggest you don’t either . *I’ll save this for another post 🙂 *

I believe the best thing is to go on a social media diet. If you use social media for anything other than pure recreation, motivation or business. It may be time to hold down that home button and click the red X for a couple of days! Everyone needs a point where they can solely focus on THEMSELVES. I tend to do this every once in a while. Staying off these apps for even just a day, can truly mentally cleanse you.

So instead of asking what am I doing? why don’t I have *insert here*? Outside of social media, really analyze the people you have in your life and how they make you feel. What am I doing now? Are you content? What do you want? What do I need to get rid of or stop doing? What do I need to start doing? How are you going to do it? Do you want the 4.0? Do you want to join a team? DO IT. write it down. put it to action.

Good luck. 🙂

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