Common Sense Ways to Fight Fatigue

sad-woman_t580Many of us go through fatigue and wonder what it is exactly that is causing us to be so tired. After running from class to class, attending all your organizational meetings, and making a little time to party you might feel fatigue. Fatigue is caused by issues such as lack of exercise, sleep, our diet, and/or health problems such as anemia. It is way too easy for fatigue to go away so that we can enjoy a day full of energy! A couple of ways to get rid of fatigue are to:

– Doctors recommend that we exercise at least 4 times a week a minimum of 30 minutes.

Eat healthier – Instead of reaching for starches and sugars, try fruits and vegetables. They are known to boost energy and also to help strengthen the immune system.

Sleep – Sleep is something else that is important and can easily fight fatigue. Try these and you should feel more energy in as soon as a month. I

If for some reason these common sense ways to fit fatigue do not work, you may want to contact your healthcare provider to be on the safe side and ensure there aren’t any health related issues to  your fatigue.


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