Confederate Statues in Memphis Come Down

We are days away from 2018 and Confederate statues around America are finally being removed

Just last week these statues were removed from Memphis, Tennessee after city officials sold the land to a non-profit organization.

“History is being made in Memphis tonight” said Mayor Jim Strickland. All over the country, protests for and against the removal of these statues that represent a time in society that African-Americans are still dealing with the aftermath to this day.

The statue that was removed was the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue. It was placed in Memphis back in 1904 as a result of the Jim-Crow era. The other statue, Jefferson Davis was placed there in the year 1964 during the civil rights movement.

It was not easy getting these statues removed. Despite the protests for them to be removed based upon why they were ever placed there, the city still had to finesse. First, officials had to change the name of the park where the statues were located. Next, there had to be a waiver obtained in order to legally remove these “historic landmarks” according to the TN Heritage Protection Act. Of course the waiver was denied. Therefore, the city sold the park to a non-profit, which is a private entity. Then, and only then, could the statues be removed by the way of the new owners of the land.

Some say these monuments should stay because they are a part of America’s history, others want them gone as they are only reminded of the days of injustice against African-Americans for hundreds of years.

Despite the statues being removed after sunset, people still gathered to celebrate this one small step in the right direction.

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