Demetrius Hollins Georgia Student Lives To Tell His Story Of Police Brutality

Demetrius Hollins a Georgia Student is “one of the lucky ones.” He lived to tell the story and someone far enough away from the police caught the whole thing on tape.  Demetrius Hollins is only 21-year-old and has already had one of the most terrifying experiences ever being beaten by police officers and believing you are going to die. He has not driven alone in a car since the incident.

Demetrius Hollins was pulled over on a busy suburban Atlanta road by Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni for not having a license plate, according to the police report. Hollins said the license plate was in the rear window. He also said he recognized Bongiovanni from an August 2016 traffic stop. “That’s when I reached over to get my phone,” Hollins told CNN on Monday.

His Story One We All Fear
“[Bongiovanni] started yelling at me and saying that I’m not going to get video of this, ‘You’re not going to make any phone calls, nobody is going to know about this,'” Hollins said.
Hollins said Bongiovanni ordered him to get out of the car. Cell phone video recorded by a witness and posted on social media shows Hollins getting out of the car with his hands up.
“I tried to let him know I didn’t have anything where I could hurt him and, of course, me getting out with my hands up, that means basically I’m surrendering,” Hollins said.
Bongiovanni wrote in the police report that Hollins resisted arrest: “Hollins refused to place his hands behind his back, spun around and began to actively resist arrest by bending at the waist and trying to push me away.”
The cell phone video does not show Hollins attempting to push Bongiovanni.
Seconds later, the video shows Bongiovanni strike Hollins in the face with his elbow.
There is no mention of the strike in the police report.
“This sergeant, in his report, tried to portray Demetrius as some type of criminal he had to defend himself against, but really it’s the exact opposite,” Hollins’s attorney Justin Miller said. CNN Reported

Second officer on the scene

“After I got my hands up and he hit me, that’s when he stepped back and tased me in the back,” Hollins said. “I fell to the ground and then that’s when it stopped. The Taser stopped and that’s when he just did it again,” Hollins said.
As he lay on the asphalt, Hollins said he had one goal: Don’t move.
“He put me in handcuffs and I thought the whole ordeal was just over with and that’s when I seen another officer come out of nowhere and straight drop-kick me in the face; just stomp on my face,” Hollins said.
A second video posted to social media shows Gwinnett County Police Officer Robert McDonald kicking Hollins.
“The revelations uncovered in this entire investigation are shocking. We are fortunate that this second video was found and we were able to move swiftly to terminate a supervisor who lied and stepped outside of his training and state law,” the department said in a press release

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