Essential Apps for College Survival

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Class is in session and you can’t be caught unprepared! From notebooks to textbooks, there are tons supplies needed to ensure you have a successful school year, but also essential apps for college right on your phone! Mobile devices can be used for more than texting bae, checking emails, and calling home to mom. Here are a few apps for college that prove useful for all students and best of all, these apps are free.99 in your app store!

Blackboard – 

Much like its full desktop version, the app shows a full view of all classes you are registered for and sends alerts when new assignments and materials are posted. Blackboard can also give you the opportunity to respond and post on discussion boards.

RefMe –

This handy app is for anyone writing a paper and needs to quickly create a reference. RefMe allows you to create a citation by simply scanning the bar-code of the book. It also gives you the option to select the citation style you need.

Dropbox – 

If you plan on using the blackboard app, you should consider using Dropbox along with it. Dropbox is a file sharing service that will allow you to open and save various files on your device. In addition to sharing files, you can also share media and pictures with family and friends. Similar to the two previously mentioned apps, all files shared can be accessed from a desktop at any time. As an added bonus, the more people you invite via email to join, the more storage you can earn.

Campus App (if applicable)

 If your university has a campus app, download it now!! Personally, I used the NCATConnect app in my early days at NC A&T to navigate the campus by pulling the address of buildings and plotting it in google maps. It made it fairly easy to get comfortable walking the campus. The campus app also houses information on courses filtered by the semester term, athletic schedules, news and events, and a campus directory. – 

Keep your mind at ease on how to maintain your budget with this app. allows you to see all your linked bank accounts and you can clearly see where you are spending your money. The app itemizes each transaction by food, home good, and such categories like that. You have the option of creating budgets for yourself like “I only want to spend $40 on food for the month.” As you get close to hitting that goal, you’ll get alerts so you do not go over budget.

*if you don’t want a third party app having your bank information, using your bank’s secure mobile banking app to see your account balance and transactions is highly recommended. 


Keeping track of what you’re eating and your fitness goals has been made incredibly easy. You can find meals to log in your journal from over 150 restaurants and if your campus dining hall is ran by Sodexo, you can scan the bar-code on the meal chart in the cafeteria.

Sleep Bot – 

99 problems and sleep should never be one! If you do happen to have issue with sleeping, use this app to track your sleep and get find remedies for the issue. SleepBot uses your phone as a sensor to not only track how long you sleep, but also your movement and sounds. The app also includes a smart alarm that uses the data of your sleep patterns to determine the best time to wake you up and eliminate the groggy feeling you suffer from being abruptly woken by traditional alarms. All sleep data is synced from the app and can be accessed via a desktop set up.

Uber – 

Need a ride? Get an Uber! From your phone, you request a car and pay with PayPal or a credit card in one quick motion. Upon confirmation of your ride, you will receive a picture of your driver, their name, license plate number, and a description of the vehicle coming to pick you up. After your ride, rate your driver and let Uber know if it was a good or bad experience. You can also earn free rides by inviting friends to sign up.


I hope these apps can be useful for you! What are your favorite apps for college survival?

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