FBI Finds Tom Brady’s Missing Jersey But We Still Can’t Find The Missing Girls In D.C.

In the video clip below, we see the almighty Tom Brady looking frantically for his Super Bowl game winning jersey. When he notices that it may have been stolen, all hell breaks loose.

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Now, I can understand why he panics after losing his game winning jersey because I still have all of my sports jerseys from high school and college. But I’m confused at how fast Houston police(HPD), FBI, and media reacted to making sure America’s favorite quarterback had his jersey back.

Houston police has classified the value of the jersey to about $500,000 and the alleged theft would be a first-degree felony. Wait what?

But so many people are roaming free for not being acquitted for unfair countless killings. Below is a copy of the police report by Houston Police Department:









The Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, tried to compare Brady’s jersey to the “great Chagall or Picasso.”Brady comments that “it’s unfortunate, because that’s a nice piece of memorabilia…But what can you do? I’ll take the ring. That’s good enough for me.” He went as far as to create a suspect board in his own home. We see somebody’s been watching too much CSI.

The alleged theft, Mauricio Ortega, is the man who authorities are claiming to have stolen Brady’s jersey. Ortega apparently was able to take the jersey due to his access of being able to cover the game for a tabloid in Mexico called La Prensa. Also, the FBI found Brady’s uniform from Super Bowl XLIX during their six-week investigation. Von Miller’s helmet from Super Bowl was found as well in the midst of stolen NFL memorabilia

hat are your thoughts about the Brady’s missing jersey and how urgent the authorities searched and found the alleged jersey theft?






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