The First Black Owned Student Loan Debt Repayment Company

Yes, you read right! There is a debt repayment company not like your typically Sallie Mae and its owned by an African-American woman. The Student Loan Doctor LLC only goal is to “help clients create a plan and understand how to pay off their student loan debt!” With the student loan debt increasing every year, we are up to $1.48 TRILLION in student loan debt with over 44 million Americans borrowers from the Student Loan Hero.

The founder, Sonia Lewis, developed Student Loan Doctor in 2016 after looking at her own debt. Lewis explained to The Shaderoom that “I needed to get myself together and sit my own self down. I felt like other people needed this too… Plus, I realized there were no classes to help people really understand their debt.” There are no classes to teach someone what to do after you agree to take this student loan. The financial aid office at the universities make it mandatory to sit through an Exit Counseling session before graduation. Honestly, the only thing we are thinking about at that time is graduating so nothing is retained about paying back student loans.

Lewis pursued her passion at her local church in Philadelphia by providing consulting to the church members then “the church sent the community, and the community sent friends.” In a documentary, Lewis talks about her journey of taking a 9-week course by financial guru, Dave Ramsay, and her credit went up by 90 points with a savings account. Though her financial situation was improving, she still was willing and eager to learn more. After attending a personal finance seminar promoted by The Urban League, Lewis noticed that no one asked about student loans. That’s where her idea of Student Loan Doctor came to fruition. Lewis saw a need and started this company making her the first to be a black and woman owned student loan business.

To learn about Sonia Lewis and her team at Student Loan Doctor, visit

Also, check out their podcast on Pod Bean or iTunes for free financial knowledge.

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