First Female Percussionist To Earn Bachelors of Arts Degree In Music At Albany State University

kd3Jazz Kelley is the First Female Percussionist to earn a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Music from Albany State University. We had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Kelley and one thing that stuck out was her Faith. She started out drumming in the church but her story is not your typical church drummer story.

Kelley grew up beating on pots and pan but never received formal training. However, she could hear a beat and replicate it on the spot. As a little girl, she would go around telling her family she was a drummer. Mind you, she had never played on a drum set or received any formal training as a percussionist. But something in her kept telling her she was a drummer. So, she begins to speak it into existence. One day her aunt told her to stop saying she was a drummer seeing that she has never drummed. Her response was “I can do all thing’s through Christ which strengthens me.” Bam!! kd

Fast forward, while at a church convention she decided to chop it up with the visiting percussionist. He gave her some tips and they discussed her love for drumming even though she had still at that point never drummed. Later during the convention the drummer motions for Kelley to come and start playing, she immediately dart’s to the drums and proceeds to “kill it”. She was able to pick up the music on the spot without anyone in the church realizing the switch until she stands up and is able to be seen over the drum set. The church all gasp when they realized it was her playing and the talent she possessed.

Moral of the story “You are who you say you are.”

Kelley is very excited to be receiving her degree in music and is currently planning to get her Masters in the fall. She also offers drumming lessons in her city. Congrats Jazz keep chasing “YOUR” dreams and reaching for the stars.



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