FSU Student Tries To Bite Off Dead Man’s Face After Killing Him and His Wife

FSU StudentA Florida State University student Austin Harrouff was found biting a dead man’s face after stabbing the couple to death in Florida police have said.

The attack began when Harrouff stormed out of dinner with his family at a restaurant nearby after apparently becoming agitated about poor service. His parents were worried about his behavior so they called the police and some of his friends to try to track him down.

The 19-year-old college student growled as he attacked a married couple, stabbing them to death of outside their home in an assault that may have been a result of the hallucinogenic drug called “Flakka.”

Search the drug on YouTube or Google and watch residents, mainly in Florida, wild out. It’s sickening.

Harrouff was hovering over one of his victims and biting the mans face before deputies arrived and subdued him. A neighbor was badly injured after trying to intervene, before calling 911.


Reports state the student was “exhibiting abnormal levels of strength” and did not respond to being stunned by a deputy’s Taser, being bitten by a police dog or tackled by at least three law enforcement officers. “Nothing was working. They were using all the force they were able to muster physically,” Snyder told reporters at a news conference.

59 Year old Stevens died on his driveway while his 53-year-old wife Michelle Mishcon was found dead inside the garage. Both were stabbed multiple times and sustained “massive trauma” to their bodies. “There was an enormous amount of violence inside that garage,” Snyder said.

The victims did not know Harrouff, according to the sheriff, who added that the attack was “completely unprovoked and random.”

“I’m not going to speculate, except to say that we know in our business that people on flakka or bath salts will do this type of behavior, where they attack the victim and do the biting and actually remove pieces of flesh in the bites,” Snyder said.

Harrouff was shirtless and was “making animal-like sounds” when he arrived at the hospital.

He tested negative for use of cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana and opioids, but more blood work has been ordered, authorities said.

Harrouff’s health has deteriorated since being sedated at a hospital, and he is now in life-threatening condition, Snyder said.



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